Apple shares decline after users complain about iPhone 15 overheating By

Apple shares decline after users complain about iPhone 15 overheating By
© Reuters. – Apple (NASDAQ:) shares were down 0.82%, at $169.03, at approximately 10:48 AM on Thursday, the 28th, in New York, after the Wall Street Journal reported that the new iPhone 15 Especially high-end models suffer from overheating problems.

These concerns came from analysis and testing conducted by the Wall Street Journal, as well as social media posts made by customers. This is nothing new, as iPhone 14 Pro owners also complained of higher than usual temperatures.

Tests have shown that overheating occurs during activities such as loading and running resource-intensive applications. Apple may have to address these issues through software updates, which may affect device performance.

Historically, premium iPhones have been an important source of revenue for Apple, especially as global demand for smartphones declines. The company is counting on the success of the iPhone 15, especially its Pro versions, to revitalize its business and drive growth.

According to an analysis conducted by Joanna Stern, from the Wall Street Journal, it was observed that the iPhone 15 Pro Max reached temperatures of 41 degrees Celsius during charging. Further tests revealed that the device’s temperature can rise further, up to 44 degrees Celsius, when it is charging and performing intensive processing activities, such as gaming.

Apple analysts at TF International Securities, who are known to closely monitor the company’s supply chain, attributed the heat-related issues in the iPhone 15 Pro models to several factors.

One major factor is the new lighter design of the iPhone 15 Pro, which may not dissipate heat as effectively compared to previous models. Additionally, offering a titanium frame only on the Pro models is seen as a potential issue.

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