Apple is revolutionizing and allowing game streaming platforms on iOS

Apple is revolutionizing and allowing game streaming platforms on iOS

a apple It announced a major shift in its policies regarding gaming on iOS, by allowing game streaming platforms to run natively on the operating system.

The news represents a notable shift in the company's approach to cloud gaming services.

Requirements and regulations of the game developer community

Until now, Apple has required that every game on the streaming platform have its own app in the App Store, making it impossible to offer complete catalogs of services such as The ultimate bass game And Nvidia GeForce Now.

The change in Apple's policies comes in response to feedback from the creator community, which has long sought more flexibility in making game streaming services available on iOS.

Previously, many companies resorted to alternative methods such as using launchers that are activated through the Safari browser.

According to the company, the new approach will enable developers to use a single app to stream games and deliver mini-programs, simplifying the process and providing a more flexible experience for users.

Native iOS apps – Image: Apple/Disclosure

Apple highlights that although streaming games and mini-shows should display easily accessible age indicators, companies in this sector will now be able to integrate Apple's payment methods into their service structures.

This change on Apple's part may also have been influenced by regulatory pressures, especially after the decision by the British Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to resume investigations into anticompetitive practices.

The company has faced criticism over potential restrictions on access to cloud gaming platforms, which has hurt competition on the App Store.

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The change in the company's stance may also reflect the growing popularity of cross-gaming flow, It represents a strategic adjustment to ensure developers have “new capabilities to grow their businesses,” the company said.

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