Apple co-founder reveals he can’t see what’s new in iPhone 13 | cell phone

Apple co-founder reveals he can't see what's new in iPhone 13 |  cell phone

Co-founder of An apple Steve Wozniak Looks like he hasn’t seen major changes in iPhone 13. In an interview with the portal Yahoo FinanceAn inventor known as Woz announced that he didn’t notice a “real difference” from the 2020 harvest of iPhone 12. Woese referred to the fact that “the program is in cell phone It looks the same as used on the old models.”

Despite Woz’s comments, Apple highlights the A15 Bionic processor, found in the new generation of iPhone, as the fastest “ever”. In addition, the company announced that the device will have a larger battery capacity and cameras with innovative features, such as a cinematic mode and a new arrangement of lenses.

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The same criticisms of product indistinguishability apply to the Apple Watch. Woz said he doesn’t know if he has an Apple Watch 7 or not 6But he stressed that “you can see that everyone has an Apple Watch,” on a positive note.

In the interview, when asked about the limitations of current hardware, Woz said he loves the Apple Watch because he doesn’t need to learn a new command and movement structure. According to him, it is not necessary to “touch this, then that”, referring to navigation menus that are often too long for a user with little time or patience. “I like to use my voice, say what I want and the Apple Watch takes care of it,” he added.

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In addition to the arrival of the A15 Bionic chip instead of the A14 Bionic and the new photographic arrangement, another significant change on the iPhone 13 has been the expansion of the internal space, which now starts at 128 GB and goes up to 512 GB, compared to the 64GB to 256GB available in the previous version.

Despite the improvements made to the iPhone 13, it doesn’t seem to have brought as many innovations as iPhone 12, which attracted attention in 2020 by bringing in 5G For Apple’s smart phone line and to launch the screen with technology Super Retina XDR.

iPhone 13 released in September 2021 with a new batch of photos and more memory – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

New smartphone Available on the Apple website. Values ​​starting from 7,599 Brazilian riyals with a screen size of 6.1 inches. There’s also the Mini version, which is an option with a smaller 5.4-inch screen, which is being offered for R$6,599. The iPhone 13 also has the Pro variants, which offer more advanced features like the triple camera and up to 1TB of memory.

with information from Yahoo Finance

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