Anyone who has your phone can block your WhatsApp

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Build-in failed The WhatsApp Anyone with your phone number is allowed the ability to suspend or even block your account from the app. Although it does not present any risk to the user, the problem can leave you in the mode of not using the application for up to 12 hours.

Your account can be easily suspended thanks to the WhatsApp activation system on a new smartphone. according to Android PoliceThe scammer who owns your number can download WhatsApp to a new phone and try to activate your account on his device multiple times.

WhatsApp applies an account lock on the cell phone of the victim and the phisher.Source: Forbes

While your WhatsApp cannot migrate to the criminal’s device due to the two-factor authentication code, which will be sent to your device, the process may end with your profile suspended. After several login attempts, the account will be “locked” for up to 12 hours.

This process can lead to more headaches if the criminal decides to contact WhatsApp support. according to Android PoliceThe fraudster can send an email to the app’s administrators claiming that the phone with its number was stolen. Since the app handles this kind of matter through email, the account can be suspended for a longer period without the user being aware of the status.

The phisher can send an email to WhatsApp requesting to deactivate the account during a forced lockdown.The phisher can send an email to WhatsApp requesting to deactivate the account during a forced lockdown.Source: Forbes

Researchers Luis Márquez Carpintero and Ernesto Canales Pereña have discovered a WhatsApp flaw, but it appears that WhatsApp is not currently looking for a way to fix the security hole. Although the problem is worrisome, the bug does not allow the criminal to steal your account or access your profile data, it just serves to fill in the patience of the victim.

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According to WhatsApp, users experiencing the problem should contact Company support Provide contact email and two-factor verification code, so the app team will help with this inconvenience. That is, the user cannot do something until after it has failed.

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