Ant Man 3 | The director posts a photo on the same set from The Mandalorian

Ant Man 3 |  The director posts a photo on the same set from The Mandalorian

The Ant-Man and the Hornet: Quantumania It is photographed on the same set of Mandalorian. This is indicated by a photo posted on Twitter by Peyton Reed, the sequel director.

This is the first picture of Scott Lang’s third movie since the team began production. Apparently, Ant man 3 You’ll be using the virtual reality scenes, as well Mandalorian. It is also worth noting that Peyton Reed came to direct one of the episodes of the series derived from her star WarsWhich means he is already familiar with the technology of the place.

The photo shows a landscape covered in snow, but in the center there is a reflective ball that shows the scale, located in Pinewood Studios in the UK. This innovative technology, known as StageCraft, has been popularly used for Mandalorian, Allowing actors to see the scene filmed on the screen in a wide way, like a panoramic image.

(Photo: Disclosure / Marvel Studios)

although ant Man Using several practical scenarios, such as Hank Beam’s laboratory, the new image suggests that the film will explore some places. The title itself does indeed refer to travel in the quantum kingdom, which will require technology entirely in CGI, but the photo posted by Peyton Reed may give little clue that not everything in the movie will, in fact, be created from computers.

The Quantum Realm was used to travel through space and time in Avengers: Endgame To be explored later ant Man. It’s not known for sure if there are other features that would dare to put their characters in these temporal adventures, but it is hoped that Stephen Strange will make good use of the multiverse in his second film, which is currently being filmed in London.

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(Photo: Disclosure / Marvel Studios)

at Ant man 3Scott Lang will return on another adventure alongside Hope Van Dyne and a new young heroine: his daughter Cassie Lang. Played by a superstar The perfect little things map e Horrible, There’s a great chance the movie will introduce Young Avengers to the MCU, since Kate Bishop is in Hook Among other things until then were treated as mere rumors, but this is worth noting, such as the launch of the Wiccan processor in Strange doctor in the multiverse of insanity Hulkling must be featured first in Captain Marvel 2.

The Ant-Man and the Hornet: Quantumania In theaters on February 17, 2023.

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