ANS suspends sale of 31 health plans in the country

ANS suspends sale of 31 health plans in the country

a National complementary health agency (ANS) announced, Friday, the 16th, the marketing suspension of 31 health plans from nine different operators. The decision was made after complaints from consumers to the agency that regulates health the private sector in the country during the first quarter of that year.

This procedure is part of the Service Assurance Monitor, which regularly monitors sector performance. According to the ANS, health services can only be provided again Client When “operators present an improvement in monitoring results”.


After the monitoring result, the operators with the worst performance are evaluated. For those at health care risk, the Entry for new recipients is temporarily suspended.

Reassessment is done every three months. As a result, operators who no longer present the previously mentioned risks are released for new business purposes.

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Unimed Montes Claros Cooperativa de Trabalho Medico Ltda:

  • Adhesion Patients Association + Maternity Hospital
  • Unimoc Brasilia Infermaria Copart

Good Life Health Ltd:

  • Good emerald
  • Good gone
  • Good silver
  • Gold Fix

Federation of Medical Work Cooperative Societies in Acre, Amapa, Amazonas, Pará, Rondonia and Roraima:

  • New Unifida I – Apartment
  • Neo Univeda I – Sick
  • Unifida Coletevo Port Adesão – Enfirm
  • Univida Empresarial III – Sick

Unimed Vertente do Caparaó – Cooperativa de Trabalho Medico Ltda:

  • National Adhesion Center – Enf

Operator of Unicentral de Planos de Saúde Ltda:

  • Basic flat
  • Standard Apartment Pf

Unimed-Rio Medical Collaborative in Rio de Janeiro:

  • Unimed Alpha 2
  • Unimed Alpha 2
  • Unimed Alfa 2 Ad
  • Unimed Beta 2
  • Unimed Beta 2
  • Unimed Beta 2
  • Unimed Delta 2
  • Unimed Delta 2
  • Unimed 2 personal group room
  • Unimed 2 personal group room
  • Unimed 2 Ad
  • Unipart alpha 2
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Santo André Planos de Assistência Medica Ltda:

Terramar Health Plan Administrator Ltd:

Health Brazil Medical Assistance Ltd:

  • Advance E Plus Associate
  • Classic I
  • Prevent – Nurse / Al

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