Annular solar eclipse: Watch the events to observe the phenomenon in Paraíba | Paraiba

Annular solar eclipse: Watch the events to observe the phenomenon in Paraíba |  Paraiba

The Moon passes between the Sun and Earth during an annular solar eclipse seen from Singapore – Image: Reuters/Tim Chung/File

An annular solar eclipse will occur on October 14, and Paraíba is one of the best states to observe this phenomenon. Moreover, according to the president of the Paraiba Astronomy Society, Marcelo Zurita, the eclipse is one of the biggest astronomical events of the last 80 years. Check out the events organized to observe this phenomenon in Paraíba below.

The Paraiba Astronomy Club will be present at the Globo Hotel, in João Pessoa, from 2:30 p.m., to get an introduction on what should happen during an annular solar eclipse and explain the dangers of looking at the sun without adequate protection and answer any other questions the public has about Eclipse.

At 3:30 p.m., when the eclipse is scheduled to begin, the club will begin sun observing.

“We have encouraged the public through our social networks to obtain their own glasses, which have been approved by Inmetro or another regulatory body,” commented the Paraiba Astronomy Club.

Hotel Globo, in João Pessoa — Photo: Rammom Monte/G1

In Praia do Jacare, in Cabedelo, the “Annular Eclipse 2023” will take place, a free observation event for all ages developed by educator and creator of Geominds Education, Thiago Marinho.

The event will begin at 3 p.m. and will feature observers who will work with the public to explain what an eclipse is and other activities such as:

  • Free workshops;
  • – Launching miniature solid-combustion educational rockets, the same rockets used by NASA in its educational programs; that it
  • Instagrammable banner for photos.

Sunset view over the Paraiba River, in Praia do Jacare, in Cabedillo, PB – Photo: Chris Carneiro/G1

Intermaris Hall, Cabedillo

In the Intermaris Hall, also in Cabedillo, “Solar Eclipse Week 2023” will take place on October 12, 13 and 14. The event features the participation of scientific publishers:

  • Sergio Saccani, geophysicist, engineer and creator of “Space Today”;
  • Paulo Casella, the first Brazilian to discover a supernova, in 2002, and a telescope specialist;
  • Schwarza, author of From Atom to Black Hole: Astronomy Made Simple and creator of the Schwarza Channel;
  • Pirola, paleontologist from the Pirola Channel. The event will provide a perspective on the relationship between the Sun and the development of life on Earth.

Scientific media professionals participated in:

  • words;
  • Workshops; that it
  • Explanatory note for the eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Week 2023 tickets and the full schedule can be accessed through the platform Sympla.

Sergio Saccani, creator of “Space Today” takes part in the Solar Eclipse Week in Joao Pessoa – Photo: Photo: Publicity

On the other hand, Ararona will host the 23rd National Astronomy Meeting (ENASTs), at the 8th Campus of the State University of Paraíba (UEPB). This meeting will bring together the following:

  • Professional astronomers;
  • Amateur astronomers;
  • Enthusiasts
  • students; that it
  • Educated people.

This meeting aims to exchange experiences and research to develop and disseminate astronomy in Brazil.

ENASTs are organized by local committees made up of groups and associations of astronomers supported by a national council. It is always held in the second half of each year

The event can last between two and four days, offering the following:

  • Lectures by famous researchers.
  • academic works;
  • Workshops;
  • short courses;
  • poster exhibitions;
  • astronomical images;
  • Tools;
  • Telescopic observations.
  • Artistic performances.

On October 13, a symposium will be held in the hall of the Federation of Industries of the State of Paraíba, starting at 7 p.m., in which astronomers will explain:

  • What are eclipses?
  • Why do eclipses happen?
  • What are its types?
  • When an eclipse occurs;
  • How to observe these phenomena safely.
  • Anyone interested can participate.

On October 14, astronomers will head to Lajedo de Baie Mateus, in Cabaceras, to observe the annular solar eclipse.

The event will be attended by the President of the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (SBPC), Renato Janin and the Regional Director of the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (SBPC) in Paraíba, Diogo Lopez.

The slab blocks have strange shapes, such as Pedra do Capacete – Photo: Maurício Melo/G1 PB

In the municipality of Inga, on October 14, from 2 pm, the Inga City Hall in cooperation with the Ministry of Education organized an observation of the annular solar eclipse in Piedra Itacuatiara.

According to the city secretariat, the following will be done:

  • Workshops;
  • Musical landmarks it is
  • cleverness.

Furthermore, the event saw a confirmed presence of the Paraibana Astronomy Association (APA), sun glasses will be distributed at the event and a large screen will be provided to watch the phenomenon.

Pedra do Inga – Photo: GloboNews

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Doña Inés organized an event to observe the annular solar eclipse on Saturday (14).

Capelinha das Piedras, Esperanza

Esperança City Hall invites spectators to view the annular solar eclipse at Capelinha das Pedras, starting at 2:30 p.m.

City Hall also states that the eclipse time in the area is from 3:30 p.m. to 4:40 p.m.

The church, which is about 10 meters high and can seat up to 4 people, was opened on January 1, 1925 – Photo: Gustavo Xavier/TV Paraíba

SkyBeach Viewpoint is promoting observing the October 14 annular solar eclipse. According to the post on social media, the event is limited to 150 people and tickets range from R$40 to R$60.

Miranti warns that spectators should wear glasses to protect their eyes from the sun during the eclipse.

For photographers, the viewpoint warns them not to forget to bring sun protection gear for the camera.

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