Announcing a new “14th salary” law in 2024

Announcing a new “14th salary” law in 2024

The new law on the “fourteenth salary” came as a gift to the thousands of Brazilians who will be able to withdraw the benefit

Recently, the issue that has been frequent and has sparked controversy among people is the payment of the fourteenth salary. For those who do not know, access to the benefit was explored in the 2020 bill, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The real goal of the payment proposed by Representative Pompeo de Matos is the need to cover the financial losses resulting from the disease that has devastated the entire world.

But, while the payment of the 14th salary is still just a draft, a new law on the list of workers has been announced in 2024 and millions are holding on to their hearts.

It turns out that domestic workers can start receiving the Social Integration Program (PIS) allowance. The annual bonus is pay up to the minimum wage. In theory, the scale is a type of fourteenth.

Announcing a new law on the “14th salary” in 2024 – Photo: Reproduction / Internet

The bill to pay the bonus to this category was analyzed by the Senate Committee on Economic Affairs (CAE). If approved in 2024, it will only enter into force in 2025.

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However, in anticipation of this measure, the local legal institute sent a request to the Presidency to issue a provisional measure (MP) to determine the PIS remuneration for domestic workers.

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“This benefit only comes into effect in the year following the enactment of the law, which may take some time to be approved in Congress, as parliamentarians are currently busy discussing tax reform. At the same time, this group continues to be discriminated against,” said the head of the Legal Institute. Local, Mario Avellino.

Money bills (Image: Federal Government)
Money bills (Image: Federal Government)

Who is entitled to benefit?

Workers with a formal contract who receive up to two minimum wages per month, have done paid work for at least 30 days in the base year and who have been registered for at least five years in the PIS-Pasep Participation Fund or in the National Register Entitled Fund Obtaining a Social Information PIS (CNIS).

It is worth noting that domestic workers are currently the only category not entitled to the benefit.

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