Annapolis bands celebrate World Rock Day with an invitation to space

Annapolis bands celebrate World Rock Day with an invitation to space

International Rock Day is celebrated on Wednesday (13th), and many inspiring Annapolina bands prepare to celebrate this date.

Even in the state known as the “Cradle of Certanejo,” the artists don’t get discouraged and prove that Goiás also has a good space for rock n’roll.

Even to a lesser degree, the musical genre is successful and excites the nights in Annapolis, especially in pubs, bars, and restaurants.

a Gate 6 I spoke with some Annapolina teams who talked a little bit about their course in the city.

Libyan band

Libby band. (Photo: personal archive)

Founded in 2009 with the goal of working solely with tracks, Liebe has members who have a long history with music, even with international tracks.

Composed by vocalist Veronica Campos, guitarist Marcelo Borges, guitarist Diego Moraes and drummer André Dutra, the musical group, after the most dangerous period of the Covid-19 pandemic, decided to expand the songs being played to pay some tribute.

Even though it’s already built into the city, the band notes that the script is still a bit restrictive for the genre and, therefore, a bit complicated.

“The rock scene in Annapolis is a bit limited. We say this not because of the audience, but in relation to the venues. There are only a few houses that play this style and do not always support the presentation of a band (with stage structure and sound), and many prefer the ‘voice and guitar’ style, they said.

However, even with the challenges of the performance venues, the performers are always well received by the people of Goiás, breaking the taboo that states that there are only certanios in Goiás. They highlight that “the audience loves the ‘good music’ style, regardless of the musical genre.”

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Positive HR

Rh positive band. (Photo: personal archive)

With rock band already within the members, the band RH Positivo was created 20 years ago and since then, they continue to take the best of the genre wherever they go.

Even with a long career, members report that the scenario outside Annapolis is more complex and difficult to come by.

This is because, out of town, those who play rock are seen as only a country band and have no recognized talent.

“Outside the city, Annapolis bands are seen as bands from within the state. Although we have many excellent bands here in our city, often better than many of the Gyn and BSB bands, we are still seen as bands. Rural,” they also lamented.

band mono

Mono band. (Photo: personal archive)

In order to sing the members’ favorite songs, Banda Monos was created about seven years ago by a group of friends that included vocalist Prates, guitarist Romulo Renato, guitarist JC, drummer Alex kbça and Fernando on keyboard.

For the musical group, the “Land of Sartanjo” has always had a special space for rock music, which allows them to be easily accepted.

However, the acceptance of composed compositions is a little more sensitive, since the audience usually prefers coverage, but this does not prevent them from attracting everyone with their own hits.

They noted that “the issue of copyright is somewhat more sensitive, but nevertheless, between one cover and another, we’re showing off our copyright work and so far, the receptivity has been incredible.”

UK courses

UK Sessions Ensemble. (Photo: personal archive)

Another band that has the hearts of fans of pop rock, Annapolino UK Sessions, formed by vocalist Mateus Novaes with the aim of bringing a new style in Europe, to Annapolis.

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The band came up with a perfect idea that brings to Brazil the vibrant atmosphere of the movement known in the UK as “Britpop”. The idea for the project was born after a season I spent in Europe where I sang and played a group of bands that marked the British rock scene,” Matthews said.

With the idea in mind, friends UK style enthusiasts Cristiano Lage, Claudio Santillo, Eric Montaltino, Leandro Lage and Lucas Lane embraced the project and started the band in 2020.

The musicians have welcomed since their formation by Annapolis, throwing a real party wherever they go, taking famous celebrities Repertoire ranges from Pink Floyd, the Beatles, through the Rolling Stones and Coldplay, to Franz Ferdinand and Harry Styles.

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