Anna Hickman’s husband opens an account and cashes all his checks and cards in 21 days · TV News

Anna Hickman’s husband opens an account and cashes all his checks and cards in 21 days · TV News

Businessman Alexandre Correa, husband of broadcaster Anna Hickman, opened an account at Caixa Econômica Federal and in just two days withdrew 99.6% of the special check limit, R$300,000. Twenty-one days after opening the account, I had already settled the R$200,000 limit on my credit card, supposedly to pay off the debt. Correa only paid part of the interest and is being sued by the Federal Bank, which charges him 682,000 Brazilian reais.

Anna and Correa have been married for 25 years and are going through a serious marital crisis. On the 11th of this month, during an argument in the kitchen of the house, Correa attacked Anna, pressing her against the wall and threatening to headbutt her. The program presenter reported him to the police, and they have since been separated.

Anna explained to her friends that the reason for the quarrel was financial. Hey the news It was access to conversations that Claims Correa ‘destroyed family assets’This puts the couple’s 10-year-old son at risk.

The couple’s total debts will amount to R$14.6 millionThis is according to the petition submitted by Safra Bank at the end of October. The proceedings show that Correa, who is the manager of Anna’s brand and assets, has a history of bank loans backed by real estate, a practice that has been going on for the past decade.

Loans have become more frequent since 2021, during the pandemic, but the situation got out of control only in June this year. Currently, banks are charging R$7.5 million in court for non-payment of loans taken out between September 2021 and June of this year, but the couple owes much more than that.

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Card to pay off debt?

Caixa’s charge is directed only at Alexandre Correa, and does not relate to Anna Hickman or her companies. This is an indication of a lack of financial control and desperation, due to exorbitant interest rates on credit cards and overdrafts.

The short period – 21 days – in which all resources were exhausted (500,000 R$) makes us believe that the account was opened with the aim of paying off debts.

Correa opened the Caixa account on September 30 last year. Four days later, he made an electronic transfer of R$99,800 using the overdraft limit. On October 5, he transferred another R$199,000. In November, he covered the account with R$22,000, just enough to pay the interest on the debt of R$298,800. In December, he deposited another R$28,000, which was fully consumed by the month’s interest.

The businessman started 2023 with his overdraft limit maxed out, owing R$325,713. He did not deposit another penny into the account. In March, the debt was already R$394,735.

Alexandre Correa received two cards from Caixa, one with a limit of R$185,000 and the other with a limit of R$15,000. Since the first, in just one day, October 11, 2022, you have used 97% of your limit with an electronic payment company, that is, you have used your credit card to pay off all or part of the debt. Ten days later, he did the same thing with the R$15,000 card.

Correa paid part of the debt in November and December, but has no longer fulfilled his obligations this year. In June, Caixa filed a lawsuit in federal court. On the sixth of this month, the court ruled to dismiss the case due to lack of information and clarity on the part of the bank. This does not mean that the process is dead, but rather that it will continue if Kaisha resumes it.

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Alexander Correia and Anna Hickman, who were contacted through their consulting firms, did not comment on their financial situation. to UOL’s Correa denied that the fight was over millions of dollars in debt. The businessman said: “No, no, no. These are normal business matters. Please, let’s not mix things up.”

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