Anita returns to Brazil and recharges Juliette Freire at a meeting TV News

Anita returns to Brazil and recharges Juliette Freire at a meeting TV News

Back in Brazil, she finally met Anita Juliet Freirea hero Big Brother Brazil 21. On Friday (4), the strong woman arrived at her mansion in Rio de Janeiro, where the makeup artist has been staying since the end of the reality show on Globo. The singer used the meeting to “collect rent” from her ex-sister.

“Hey girl, I came to collect the rent,” said the “Girl from Rio” translator and Globoplay’s new ambassador responded with a reply: “Ownership and ownership. You have ownership, and ownership is mine! There is nothing else here.”

In Instagram Stories, Anitta showed that In addition to Juliet, the hero’s brother also resides at the property.. In the videos, the world star said that the ex-prisoner had taken over the master bedroom, and Juliet indicated that she had put a picture of her in space.

“Past, shocked, oh my God,” Anita cried, mimicking Juliet’s tone. After winning the reality show, the The artist invited Paraibana to spend a season at her home in Rio de Janeiro. During this period, the lawyer was “responsible” for taking care of the singer’s dogs.

On your Instagram profile, Juliet posted a thank you letter to fans, celebrating a month after the reality show ended: “A month that day changed my life. I left home to spread my wings. So much greatness and dread, so much love and commitments, has it all become? Oh my now I’m just enjoying it.”

Watch the video with Anita and Juliette Freire meeting:

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