Angelina disrupts Agatha’s plan and attracts her friend’s attention

Angelina disrupts Agatha’s plan and attracts her friend’s attention

It’s possible that Angelina will stand in the way of Agatha’s plan

In earth and passion, Angelina (Inez Viana) It can be the “key piece” to help Allen (Barbara Reese) To get out of prison, after falling into the trap I set for him Agatha (Elian Giardini).

Agatha and Angelina could get married | Reproduction: Valla Novella

According to the portal TV ObservatoryHousekeeper La SilvaWhich will reveal that she has always loved her mother Kayo (Qua Raymond)He will do justice to the girl and blow up her friend’s plan.

It all starts when the ex-convict comes up with a plan for the arrest Allen. However, upon seeing the widow, she is arrested on charges of shooting Antonio (Tony Ramos)The housekeeper will be desperate.

After the arrest, it doesn’t take long Marino (Leandro Lima) Call everyone who was on the farm to explain the story. But what they didn’t expect was this Ramiro (Amore Lorenzo) It ended up hurting the president.

Agatha decides to kill Angelina

confused, Angelina It can also disrupt expression AgathaHe left several endings in his testimony without supporting his beloved’s evil plan.

Angelina and Agatha – Photo: Reproduction/Globo

From the summary of certificates Marino will determine this Agatha and Antonio (Tony Ramos) They lie about what happened and that she is, in fact, the real victim Allen.

Do you think Agatha will really kill Angelina?

Do you think Agatha will really kill Angelina?

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When you find out Angelina Not helping her, the vixen becomes a monster and plans to knock her out of the scene using her poison tea. Thus, she is free to pick on Antonio and take all of the farmer’s wealth.

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What do they say about Agatha and Angelina?

Netizen comment – ​​Image: Twitter
Netizen comment – ​​Image: Twitter

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