Angelina comes out of the closet and falls into Agatha’s tempting trap of TV news

Angelina comes out of the closet and falls into Agatha’s tempting trap of TV news

Angelina’s (Inez Viana) virginity means more than just her love affair with the men of Tira and Paixao. In the following chapters of the Nine O’Clock series, she will declare her love for Agatha (Iliane Giardini) and will try to prevent her lover from marrying Antonio (Tony Ramos). Kayo’s mother (Coa Raymond) is surprised by the housekeeper’s confession, and tempts her with a tempting offer: that they run away together after the wedding.

In the 9 o’clock episode of the series Globo scheduled to be broadcast on the 15th, Angelina will confess her love to her friend when she sees her preparing for the party with Antonio. She will kneel at the feet of the former dead and beg her to give up the farms. “Please, I ask you, I beg you, do not marry Antonio! I love you, Agatha! I love you!”, she will cry.

Agatha will be surprised by the revelation of the governess, who has said several times that she has never had a relationship with any man. “Forgive me, Agatha, but I cannot bear to stifle my feelings any longer! You have been and always will be the greatest love of my life, that is the truth!”, he continued.

Caillou’s frightened mother will ask what happened to her, and a desperate Angelina will suggest that they escape the Nova Primavera. “Let us get out of here, Agatha! Let us go away, and begin a new life, just the two of us, where no one knows us! Do not marry Dr. Antonio, I beg of you! He is not worthy of your love,” he is a monster! He’s done you a lot of harm in the past and he’ll do it again, Agatha! Stay with me, I’ve always been loyal to you…” he pleads.

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Agatha will look for a tranquilizer to give the housekeeper, but she will not find it and will decide to play Angelina’s game. She would make her friend sit down to try to calm her down: “Okay, now come here, Angelina. Stay calm and listen to me. I don’t love Antonio. I’ll marry him for other reasons, not for him.” love. To seek justice and restore everything he took from me and my family in the past.

“One day I will explain everything to you calmly, and you will understand. What I ask now is that you be my ally, today more than ever. Can I count on you?”, Eliane Giardini’s character will say seductively.

Confused, Angelina will say she’ll do what she wants, and Agatha will step closer: “When all this is over, we’ll leave together, just the two of us, away from here. Agreed?”, she’ll lie. . “Do you swear?” the housekeeper would ask, wanting to believe it. “I swear to Jerusalem,” he will insist.

More calmly, Angelina will tell her that she believes in her friend, and Agatha will ask for a hug. The maid will throw herself into your arms. “I love you and I’m the only person in this world you can trust, you know?”, he’ll say as he leaves.

When she sees her friend turning her back to leave, Agatha will snort and growl. “I need Angelina right now, that’s true, but she’s a pain in the ass, that’s all!”, she’ll say to herself, rolling her eyes.

Terra e Paixão by Walcyr Carrasco and Thelma Guedes. Set in the fictional town of Nova Primavera in Mato Grosso do Sul, the story will remain on the air until January 19 next year and will be replaced by a remake of Renascer (1993).

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