Angelica shows her daughter with Hack in her giant TV room and impresses her

Angelica shows her daughter with Hack in her giant TV room and impresses her

Presenter Angelica enchanted by showing her daughter Eva in the TV room of her mansion with Luciano Hack.

Presenter Angelica He liked showing his youngest daughter with the announcer Luciano Hack, Nine-year-old Eva. She showed her daughter playing in the giant TV room at the couple’s mansion in Rio de Janeiro.

The girl Eva was watching the participation of singer Zika Bagudinho on her father’s show. The little girl took advantage of the samba opportunity in front of the television during the singer’s performance. Showing the scene, the presenter sang Zika Bagudinho’s classic song, “Let Life Take Me.” Angelica He said, “Let life take me! Life takes me… Ha-ha-ha.”

Netizens have been nothing but praise for girl Eva as she dances in the giant TV room of the couple’s mansion. One netizen commented, “How beautiful.” And yet another netizen said: “Awesome!”

One netizen also said, “Eva is so excited! That’s cute!” One netizen commented: “What a beautiful Eva! I think she excited her mother. ” As one netizen said: “Eva Samba! I loved this version of yours! Haha.” Another netizen also commented: “What a beautiful and lost people!” Another netizen also said: “You’re going to be a drum queen, she’s almost there. So cute!”.

A netizen also talked about the similarity of the girl, Eva, with the presenter Angelica. “That’s cute! One netizen commented, Eva has become a mommy thumbnail. Another netizen also commented: “How beautiful! Eva is more and more like mom every day, both in appearance and appearance. ”

Recently, the host couple celebrated their daughter Eva’s 9th birthday with a beautiful ceremony at the couple’s mansion. They hosted some of the girl’s friends and put her to sleep. In addition to Eva, the presenters are also the parents of Joachim, 16, and Benicio, 13.

Launch Instagram Angelica showing her daughter with Luciano Hack in the family TV room

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