Angelica responds to criticism that the series’ guests are straight white people

Angelica responds to criticism that the series’ guests are straight white people

The guests were chosen according to the topics we would talk about, sometimes related to my life… and [também] Timeline, that famous little word that when you’re recording a project it’s complicated. We had a really great roster of women and people, but the availability of each one of them… It’s not that I arrive and say ‘Come here’, that’s not the case. It was a big mystery to us to have people who were relevant to the topic and were available to be there. But I think everyone who was there had to be there, because after we saw the result, I said “Man, there’s no way it would be anyone else, there’s no way it would be…” Anyway, it was over. So be very good.


In CCXP, the artist reflected masculinity. For her, women have a long way to go to overcome patriarchal society, but she stressed that “small gestures and movements” are important in the fight for gender equality.

Women were “trained to compete,” Angelica thought. “I have no doubt that it is a long way to overcome masculinity. Every time I see a post online about something we do and you see other women attacking them.” [outra mulher]“I see how difficult it is, and how much we still have a lot to talk about, and fight for this, because this has been imposed on us so much. We have trained to compete, because this is not cool. Women united are very strong, it is dangerous.”

Angelica also highlighted that between being an actress, presenter and singer, acting is what challenges her the most. “The hardest thing for me is being an actress, because it’s not something I practice, it’s not something organic. Presenting and speaking, I feel very comfortable, I feel more comfortable sometimes on stage than off it. Acting for me is more complicated, but it challenges me, so I really like it.” “

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