Angelica reappears on Globo and fans react

Angelica reappears on Globo and fans react

Angelica drew attention when she appeared on “Best of 2021” by TV Globo. The presenter and wife of Luciano Hack, who left the network last year, interacted with her husband several times, commenting on the awards distributed.

On social networks, the name Angelica was among the most talked about. The anchor’s fans wondered if she would have a ‘VIP presence’ at ‘Best of the Year’ or if she would take part in the show for being the ‘first lady’.

One commented on Twitter: “Angelica is among the audience who I thought was ‘I came because I’m the first lady of the award.'” Another said: “I love Angelica, but she sits in the middle of the audience, and shows more than anyone else, without even being nominated, it’s a Very strange.” A third asked, “Angelica among the audience… what did you do last year?”

Luciano Hack thanked Angelica for attending the award.

Recently during “Domingão do Huck”, Angelica decided not to honor her husband and participated in a live broadcast to do meditation. This is correct. She drew attention on social media just for not watching her 17-year-old partner’s show. “Even Angelica is impatient,” joked the more curious netizens with Luciano Hack.

Remember that Angelica, Who recently screened ‘Astral Journey’ on HBO Max, has ‘really laughed at life outside of Globo’ She had previously indicated a “relief” upon leaving the station after 24 years.

As a good arc, I can say that I love a good adventure and new experience. I have been needing and searching for this in my life for a few years. I strongly believe in what we thinkI spoke to Splash.

Marjorie Estiano wins ‘Best of the Year’ award at Globo

Photo: Playback / Globoplay

“Best of 2021”

“Domingão com Huck” (Globo) today revealed the winners of the 2021 Best of the Year award, which since 1995 has rewarded the most outstanding events in entertainment and journalism. Some of the winners were Renata Vasconcelos, Juliet, Chai Sued and Regina Cassie.

This was the first time that Luciano Hack presided over the party, which he traditionally gave Fausto Silva, who left Globo to present a new program on Band.

The show was taped on December 15 and has earned names like Adriana Esteves, Paulo Vieira, JULIET, Selton Millau, Israel and Rodolfo, among others. Among the highlights of the release, Various jokes were broadcast, involving Globo itself, with the participation of humorist Paulo Vieira.

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