Android is receiving a feature that makes it easier to transfer eSIMs into the Google system

Android is receiving a feature that makes it easier to transfer eSIMs into the Google system

Transferring eSIM cards between Android devices may soon become easier thanks to a new tool developed by Google. According to Android Police, the tool allows users to transfer their eSIM profiles from one device to another without needing a QR code or a specific carrier app.

An eSIM is a type of chip that stores phone line information digitally, without the need for a physical card. This brings some advantages, such as the possibility of switching operators without having to change SIM cards, or having more than one line on the same device.

Despite the advantages and greater security, eSIM still faces some challenges, such as lack of standardization and difficulty in profile transfer between different devices. Apple recently added a feature to iOS 17 that lets you turn your physical slide into a virtual slide through the system itself, eliminating the need for launcher apps.

Hey eSIM Transfer Tool for AndroidPromises to facilitate this process. It acts as an intermediary between the old device and the new device, sending the eSIM profile over a secure connection. To do this, simply install the app on both devices and follow the on-screen instructions. The gadget is compatible with Android 9 or higher devices that support eSIM.

Check the image below:

It is not yet known when the tool will be available to the public, nor the identity of the operators who will join the system. At the moment, it seems to be in the internal testing phase, but it could be good news for users who want to enjoy the benefits of eSIM without complications.

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