Andrea Sorvitau ignores the invitation to make a documentary about Paquitas

Andrea Sorvitau ignores the invitation to make a documentary about Paquitas

After she regretted being excluded from the documentary about the broadcaster Xuxa, Andrea Survitao She ignored the invitation to participate in “Forever so good: Paquitas”, another documentary production by Globopay, which will explore the universe and the lives of Rainha dos Baixinhos' former theater assistants.

Paquita, former artistic director of the documentary, Anna Paula Guimarish She told Extra that all of her former theater colleagues have been contacted to take part in the documentary: “We invite all paquitas. Some are still looking at the agenda, but we want them all.”.

In addition to the climate with XuxaAnother reason may lead to an absence Great ice cream The project is that she is filing a lawsuit against her ex Paquita Lara RhodesAfter she revealed that the former A Fazenda was kicked out of a WhatsApp group for former theater assistants.

So far, Andrea Survitao He has not confirmed whether he will participate in the documentary, which actually brought together the Paqueta family last week at Estudios Globo, in Rio, to record statements for the documentary.

Monique Alfredic, Leticia Barros, Talita Ribeiro, Gabriela Ferreira, Lana Rhodes, Stephanie Lourenço, and Joana Mineiro, who worked alongside Xuxa from 2000 to 2002, met again. Of this generation, Paquita was the only one absent Diane Amminola.

Moreover, other former paquitas had already recorded their statements. are they: Andrea Vega, Heloisa Morgado, Luiz Wischermann, Ana Paula Guimarães, Roberta Cipriani, Priscilla Cotto, Tatiana Maranhão, Ana Paula Almeida, Catia Paganotti, Giuliana Baroni, Bianca Rinaldi, Flavia Fernández, Graziela Schmidt, Andreza Cruz, and Barbara Borges..

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“We will relive these stories. And like every dream, not all is well, we will also talk about other topics. We want to relive great stories. Here we are all 28 girls, but in Doctor, they will all be there.”Anna Paula Guimraish said.

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