Andrea Saadi shows the twin with Gilberto Gil and charms

Andrea Saadi shows the twin with Gilberto Gil and charms

Journalist Andrea Saadi presents her twin with singer Gilberto Gil and announces

journalist Andrea Saadi She surprised netizens by sharing beautiful photos of her twin babies. The children of the presenter of the “Estúdio I” program of the closed channel Globonews are one year and two months old. Joao and Pedro are the fruits of Saadi’s relationship with the journalist too Andre Rizk. Oddly enough, the heirs were born on the date on which Journalist’s Day is celebrated, on April 7.

The caller mostly uses his social network profile to handle professional matters. However, from time to time, Andrea Saadi Opens up communication with netizens and shares more about motherhood in your feed. The journalist speaks candidly about the emotions, experiences and challenges of motherhood. More so because it was a double dose on the first trip of this trip as a mother.

In one of the exceptions to the opening of her personal life, the presenter gave a beautiful homage to a great friend. This special person is, quite simply, one of the biggest names in Brazilian music, the singer Gilberto Gil. Saadi celebrated the musician’s 80th birthday on June 26.

The touching tribute had a beautiful script written by the journalist and was accompanied by beautiful photographs. In the published photos, Jill and Saadi appear at different times – from family parties to behind-the-scenes interviews. In two photos specifically, Angle is shown excitedly looking at my twins Andrea Saadi And Andre Rizk.

“Gil 80. Our orixá”. A generation in everything: in love, in longing, in family, at sea, in nature, in hope, in faith. Lucky for the nation that hears, sees and applauds Gilberto Gil. I love you. From generation to generation, only love passes and more love. Cultural Heritage. Thank you for everything. health! Long live the! ”, the celebrity announced in the caption. Celebrities and netizens were delighted with the post and sent many loving messages to the singer, wishing him health and happiness.

Instagram clone In honor of Gilberto Gil, Andrea Saadi shows the singer with his twin

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