Anatel introduces new features to combat fake calls

Anatel introduces new features to combat fake calls

With the increase in fake calls and phone scams, it has become… National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) It announced the launch of a new service to combat this practice. The system, known as Stir Shaken, aims to verify calls and provide greater security for users.

So, let's explore the details of this new system and how it can help protect consumers from fraud.

Combating hoax calls: Anatel Initiative

The prevalence of unwanted calls, often associated with telemarketing or fraud attempts, has been a growing problem for phone users.

As technology advances, criminals have found sophisticated ways to mimic the real numbers of financial institutions in order to deceive victims and obtain personal or financial information.

Faced with this scenario, Anatel decided to act by launching a new system to authenticate calls and ensure that users were able to identify the source of calls.

This system is called Stir Shaken, and is being implemented in partnership with 25 telecom operators, in a pilot process aimed at reducing cases of phone fraud.

Understand how vibrating stirring works

Stir Shaken is a technology that relies on the cooperation of telecommunications companies to confirm the origin of calls. The goal is to provide clear identification of the number making the call, allowing users to easily identify whether a call is legitimate or fake.

According to Anatel's president, Carlos Manuel Baigori, the Stir Shaken system aims to prevent practices scamsuch as spoofing, where criminals modify the number from which the call originated to pretend to be trustworthy organizations.

With this new technology, users will be able to have more confidence when answering a call, knowing that the number displayed is reliable and legitimate.

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Challenges and future perspectives

Despite the benefits that Stir Shaken can bring in preventing hoax calls, there are still challenges to overcome. One of the main obstacles is the need for companies to collaborate to adapt their operating systems and ensure the effectiveness of the new system.

Anatel's president stressed the importance of talking with companies like Google, Apple and Android so they can make the necessary updates to their operating systems and learn about Stir Shaken technology. Only in this way will users be able to take full advantage of the security measures provided by the new system.

The launch of the Stir Shaken system by Anatel represents an important advance in the fight against hoax calls and phone fraud. Through this initiative, users will be able to rely on an additional layer of security when answering their calls, knowing that the numbers displayed are authentic and reliable.

However, it is essential that businesses and users work together to ensure the success and effectiveness of this new authentication system. Calls.

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