Ana Paula Padrao opens her heart and talks about giving up being a mother

Presenter Ana Paula Padrao, 55, used Children’s Day to open her heart about giving up motherhood. She also mentioned that she underwent treatments to get pregnant, but reconsidered when she lost her pregnancy at the 10th week of pregnancy.

“Today is Children’s Day and there are no children in the house. I have no children. And believe me, life without children is not an empty life (…) I even thought about pregnancy a while ago when age seemed to pay attention now or never! But some failed attempts made me understand That I was inventing a frustration that didn’t exist before.”

“Not a teenager I always dreamed of a house full of children. At the beginning of puberty, I didn’t think much about it either. They said, ‘Finally the desire arrived! It didn’t. However, the context of a stable relationship is the deadline that nature made me try.'”

“When I gave up on the story, I was relieved. The treatments were intense, and causing extreme hormonal changes, I even went through deep pain due to a pregnancy loss at week 10. Besides this physical issue, the most important thing was that my brain wasn’t convinced: Do I really want to be a mother? Or am I being led to fulfill the social role expected of women?”

The introduction also says that the fact that she is not a mother does not make her “incomplete” or “sad”: “I think today my body may have understood this struggle before my conscience. I have a perfectly happy life without children (…) I am here not advocating not having women children if they wish. I am here to show that the fact that I am not a mother does not make me an incomplete woman or a sad person.”

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“On the contrary. Having the opportunity to live my choices makes me real because they match what I’ve always wanted to be. I don’t talk much about it because I don’t ask much about it but I know there are still many women with the same doubts. and for their sake I go here.”

“Ask yourself more than once. I’ve been a mother to countless projects, I’ve helped give birth to so many people and I’ve never looked back with regret. So whatever you choose, let it be yours! Allow yourself to judge the paths you decide to follow even though they defy common sense. sound.”

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