Ana Patricia, Duda and Evandro comment on beach volleyball predictions for the Olympics

Ana Patricia, Duda and Evandro comment on beach volleyball predictions for the Olympics

On Saturday morning, three Brazilian beach volleyball representatives participated in a virtual press conference in Japan, and Ana Patricia, Duda and Evandro commented on the Olympic participation expectations and the latest preparations for the conflicts in Tokyo.

Duda lamented the lack of fans, but who used to play in this situation: “It’s sad not to have fans. Everyone is waiting for this moment and the audience is important, it brings those butterflies in the stomach, extra energy. But every sponsorship is important, and cases are increasing. He We are already used to playing competitions like this.”

Evandro had already had the experience of competing in an Olympic version on his home soil, and agreed with the decision to restrict the audience: “It is a difficult moment we are going through. I saw pictures of the arena and it is beautiful, it would be amazing if it had an audience. But the decision is necessary, it is the right of the organizers.”

Less than a week before the controversies began, Ana Patricia said there were no favours, as world beach volleyball is at a great level: “In my opinion, all the seeded pairs in the games are capable of winning the gold. It is a very emotional competition. I can’t say Today who has more chances, I think they all have chances. If you look at the last podiums on the World Tour, there is a lot of turn around.”

Ugatha was already a champion of Brazil alongside Duda and said he would apply all the work that was done during the Olympics: “I think the responsibility for the history of Brazil in this sport is great. There is a certain amount of pressure, but we will do our best, to the best of our ability. Agatha and I are working Very well, we are preparing our minds for this moment.”

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Photo: Disclosure / FIVB

Evandro spoke about the health of his partner, Bruno Schmidt, and confirmed that they are ready for the Olympic challenge: “We had some recent problems, some big fears. Bruno got a serious case of Covid-19, and it was the person close to me who got really bad. But it was just scary, Today he’s fine, we had a good tournament in Switzerland before we got here. We hit it, that was key, it gave a boost to our pair, we had a final in the Brazilian. Our self-esteem is good, let’s take advantage of both.”

Photo: Publicity / Anna Patricia

Brazilian volleyball debut

Brazilian beach volleyball will make its debut in Tokyo next Friday, with one game in each suit. At 10pm (GMT), Alisson and Alvaro Filho (ES/PB) face Azad/Cabogrosso, of Argentina. Then, at 11pm (GMT), Ágatha and Duda (PR/SE) will also face a duo from the neighboring country: Gallay/Pereyra. Evandro and Bruno Schmidt (RJ/DF) entered court on Saturday, at 11 p.m. (GMT), against Chileans Estaban and Marco Grimalt. On Sunday, 11pm (GMT), Anna Patricia and Rebecca (MG/CE) play against Makuha/Khadambi, of Kenya.

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