Ana María Braga pressures Camila Queiroz and almost announces HBO Max for free on Globo · TV News

Ana María Braga pressures Camila Queiroz and almost announces HBO Max for free on Globo · TV News

Ana Maria Braga caused a huge atmosphere at Mais Você on Tuesday (19). Today’s guest, Mariana Chimenis, called Camila Quiroz to talk about the latest part of Perfetto matters. But the morning broadcaster discovered that Marie’s translator was already recording another TV series and put her up against the wall to find out more details about the project – the problem is that the actress is in Beleza Fatal, on HBO Max.

Mariana herself had warned that Camilla would like to participate in Mais Você, but was unable to do so due to other commitments. She even wanted to participate. “If Anna lets me, I’ll call her,” I told her. “We’re making a call,” the actress suggested. “We do it, we do it,” the presenter agreed.

Shortly thereafter, the villain’s translator called the co-star. “Let’s see, let’s see if she can answer,” Mariana said. “Because she already works a lot, you know?” “actually?” Anna Maria was shocked. “Girl, that’s it. I’ve changed one thing for another. I want a little vacation. Because Gilda is active,” said the actress.

In fact, Camila answered the call and appeared in a video on Mariana’s cell phone. Kleber Toledo’s wife asked: “What a pleasure talking to you! How are you?” “Here we talk bad about you (laughs),” Ana Maria joked. “Oh, I really wanted to be there, but I’m recording, I couldn’t,” said the girl from the six o’clock series regretfully.

“Now an intimate question: What will happen to Gilda by the end of this week?” Loro’s partner asked Manny. “What I always answer is that I want her to pay for everything she did to Mary. And she’s been caught, so I guess it’s already done. Now what’s next… because Gilda won’t let her go cheap, will she?” Camilla. He replied.

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“We love you, beautiful little girl!” Anna Maria praised. “I love you, I miss you so much. I already told Mariana, I was texting all day yesterday that I miss you,” Mary’s translator said. “But what are you doing today when you are already working?” the announcer pressed. Camilla said: “I’m recording, Anna, I’m recording another TV series now!”

“actually?” The blonde asked. At that moment, Mariana Ximenes looked at someone who was not in front of the camera, with a worried expression. “It doesn’t stop, it doesn’t stop, it’s crazy!” said the redhead. Camila showed that she changed her hair to suit the new character. “you are blond!” Anna Maria was surprised.

“I really wanted to be with you today, I couldn’t. But it’s good that we were able to talk a little,” Camila concluded, as she was in a hurry to resume recording the HBO Max TV series. Hold me here,” Mariana agreed.

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