ANA acknowledges impact on Portuguese airports, report of ‘five-hour’ wait on Faro runway: ‘Technical issue’ in UK air traffic control system affecting international flights

ANA acknowledges impact on Portuguese airports, report of ‘five-hour’ wait on Faro runway: ‘Technical issue’ in UK air traffic control system affecting international flights

At Faro Airport, a British woman reports that the pilot announced the possibility of waiting up to five hours on the runway before taking off

National Air Traffic Control Service in the United Kingdom – Nats With the original abbreviation – it stated on Monday that it was experiencing a “technical problem” and that it would therefore restrict the flow of flights until the glitch was resolved. A spokesman for the organization said, quoted by Reuters: “We are currently facing a technical problem and we have implemented air traffic restrictions to maintain safety. Engineers are working to find and solve the problem.”

a BBC It is noteworthy that Dublin Airport confirmed in a statement the cancellation of many flights, and advised passengers to check the status of their own flights in advance. The same advice was given in a statement issued in the meantime by London Luton Airport, as well as Birmingham Airport.

But a source at NATS confirmed to the British station that British airspace is not closed despite the restrictions.

To CNN Portugal, a source from ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal admitted that restrictions in UK airspace may have “some impact” on flights to and from the UK at all national airports, and there may be delays or cancellations. However, some flights must continue, as a complete closure of airspace is not at stake, so ANA advises passengers departing or arriving at Portuguese airports to contact their airlines to find out more information about the status of their flights. .

Hey guardian The testimony of a British woman named Sarah Major is presented, saying that she was at Faro Airport with her husband and two children, aged two and four, and she was informed of the possibility of a delay of several hours. “At eleven in the morning, we were on the bus to leave for the plane that was scheduled to take off at 11:25. After waiting ten minutes, they took us off the bus and told us that there was a systems malfunction in the United Kingdom and that all flights were grounded until notice,” he explained. They later ended up boarding the plane, but the pilot informed them that there was a long line and, as a result, they might have to wait more than five hours for take-off.

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Scottish carrier Loganair had already reported on social media about a malfunction in the UK’s air traffic control system and warned of possible delays to international flights.

According to Reuters, many passengers complained on social media about being inside planes on the runway waiting for take-off clearance. The situation is expected to have a greater impact on Monday, as it is a public holiday in the UK and many people will have taken advantage of the long weekend to travel.

Reuters even cites a witness on board a plane on the runway in Budapest, who said the pilot informed passengers that a computer malfunction had led to the complete closure of British airspace, meaning they could face an eight- to 12-hour delay. . .

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