An unprecedented world championship for college students announces Brazil’s semi-final qualification – sport

An unprecedented world championship for college students announces Brazil's semi-final qualification - sport

From the main streaming Viper to the Association of Colleges, Brazil already knows the teams fighting for the national title of the First World Championship. Valorant For university students. After the impressive matches, “Selection”, “Odin and Friends” and “Stay at Home” have secured places in the Red Bull Campus Clutch semi-final, which takes place on May 15th, and now the next duels are awaiting. Among the classifieds ads, some curiosity has actually attracted the attention of fps fans.

With over 127K followers on Twitch, Eduardo ‘Coreano’ Pereira is studying at CEFET-MG. He showed in his videos a great deal of skill with the Viper console, even being praised by professional players, wheels and streamers from the Brazilian scene. Now, for Stay at Home, he wants to win the unprecedented title at the Red Bull Campus Clutch and represent his country at the World Cup.

“I would like to play Handbag from Red Bull With people from the scene you’ve already contacted. All four players on the team (Docks, Prince, Rhamurthi and Suave) are players I encountered daily in the ranked VALORANT ranks, so I already knew the individual potential of each of them. After some contacts and conversations, we decided to come together to form this team for the tournament. Prince, in particular, has been a colleague of mine on other VALORANT non-collegiate teams in the past, ”Coriano says.

With five players from different universities, Selection lives up to its name. Used to compete for the ranks of VALORANT, they teamed up to form a team focused on the World Cup. So far, the semi-finals are already guaranteed. From across Brazil, the selection students represent the Faculties of UNIFAE, Mackenzie, IFF, IBMEC, and Universidade Vila Velha. Odin and Amigos carry versatility into their courses, with actors ranging from physical education and nutrition to law. The team name honors the skill of one of the players, who usually plays with Odin.

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Alex Grimanes / Red Bull Content Pool

Training with FURIA

It qualified for the Red Bull Campus Clutch semi-finals, and the teams have already won a special award. Last week, they were entitled to take on the VALORANT Professional Players Severe anger In play. During the virtual meeting, they were able to learn more about the team’s routine. Training skills You also receive exclusive monitoring for strengths and weaknesses.

Next phase

The semi-finals of the Red Bull Campus Clutch will be played on May 15th in the MD3 (top three) system. Of the three teams, only two qualified towards the Brazilian Great Decision, on May 16th, in the MD5 format (Five Best Matches). The event will feature narration and commentary from official representatives of Riot Games, such as Nicolino, Melão and Paula Nobre, as well as live broadcasts across the country on Loading, TikTok and Twitch.

The big winner, in addition to the National Cup, will represent Brazil on the world stage in front of 50 countries, such as the United States, South Korea, Japan and the United Kingdom, which will be held in June / July. The international champion will receive € 20,000, which is the competition’s first trophy and will have the opportunity to watch the game’s biggest stars compete in the next VALORANT Masters in the 2021 Champions Tour.


In 2021, Red Bull Campus Clutch forged global partnerships from AOC, SteelSeries and Intel. In Brazil, BBL e-Sports will be the organizer of this event. Check below the key dates to not miss a thing from VALORANT’s 1st global event for college students:

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5/15: Semi-final rounds
16/5: Brazil final
June / July: World Stage

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