An unknown Android function can destroy your cell phone battery

An unknown Android function can destroy your cell phone battery

Who has the cell phone You know that battery performance is a concern, especially to avoid setbacks at work. Often, the error of discharging the device quickly is due not only to excessive use, but also to the functions of the device that may seem essential, when in fact they are not.

In the case of Android devices, one of the main reasons for low battery life has been discovered. The feature consumes power without the user knowing it. Maybe the problem of your cell phone draining quickly is due to this feature and you have no idea about it. So, it is good to know before the life of the device decreases further.

Android cell phone feature can drain your battery

Google's Usage & Diagnostics feature on Android phones aims to improve the user experience as well as the performance of the operating system. However, many users have noticed that when activated, unnecessary battery consumption occurs in the background.

Google's “Usage and Diagnostics” function on Android mobile phones collects data from the device and analyzes the quality of communications and battery level.

Activating it in the background significantly increases the phone's power consumption. Although this function is important for optimizing resources, many users believe that the negative effects on the battery are not worth using.

So, if your intention is to optimize the usage of your battery and extend its useful life, you better learn it How to disable the “Use and Diagnostics” function..

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How to disable Android function that consumes your cell phone battery

Those who want to disable the Usage & Diagnostics feature on Android devices don't need to do much. However, the steps may vary depending on the manufacturer and operating system version.

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Generally, these settings are available in the device settings menu, in the “Usage and diagnostics” section. It is located in Google Options. When you reach them, press the button to deactivate.

Disabling an Android function that consumes battery can be important for its performance. By reducing background processes, the user will extend the useful life of the component and will not face problems if he is away from home without the charger.

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