An island in Brazil is on the list of places prohibited for human visitation; Know where he is

An island in Brazil is on the list of places prohibited for human visitation;  Know where he is

The island is infested with venomous snakes (Photo: João Marcos Rosa, ICMBio, Reproduction)

Many places in the world are surrounded by mysteries because access to them is prohibited. Whether due to legal restrictions, danger, environmental protection or even cultural and religious reasons, some places are closed to human visitation. In Brazil, entry to an island off the coast of São Paulo is prohibited. Information is from the world.

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Queimada Grande Island (Brazil)

The place is full of venomous snakes, and is also known as “Snake Island”, and is infested with the Golden Island snake, one of the most venomous snakes in the world. For this reason, public entry to the island off the coast of São Paulo has been banned, as a way to protect both the people and species that live there.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault (Norway)

The device, installed in Longyearbyen, stores seeds from around the world as a way to prevent biodiversity loss. Also called the “Apocalypse Vault,” access to it is restricted only to scientists and authorized persons, for reasons of security and seed preservation.

Ise Shrine (Japan)

Ise Shrine, dedicated to the goddess Amaterasu, is one of the most sacred shrines in the Shinto religion. Although it receives visitors from abroad, only high-ranking Shinto priests and priestesses and members of the Japanese imperial family have access to the innermost part of the shrine.

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Lascaux Cave (France)

Lascaux Cave in France was discovered in 1940, but in 1963 access to it was closed due to deterioration caused by tourism and human presence. The site contains some of the most important prehistoric cave paintings in the world, and access is now restricted to a small group of scholars and researchers.

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North Sentinel Island (India)

Home to one of the most isolated peoples in the world, the Sentinelese tribe, the island in the Indian Ocean is off-limits to preserve the culture and traditions of its people. The country's authorities decided to restrict the approach so that the tribe could continue to follow their way of life, as well as prevent the spread of external diseases. Visitors were reportedly met with attacks and hostility.

Tomb of Qin Shi Huang (China)

The mausoleum of China's first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, famous for his terracotta army, is located in Xi'an. However, although it is possible to see the warriors, access to the tomb is not permitted. The tomb was sealed so that the material remained preserved, to avoid the risks that current excavation techniques might pose.

Room 39 (North Korea)

The country's secret government organization, also known as Bureau 39, was created in the 1970s and is believed to operate under the supervision of the Workers' Party of Korea. The US government claims that companies and financial institutions are controlled by the agency, which is seen as a kind of “family business.”

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Poveglia Island (Italy)

The history of this site in the Venice Lagoon is marked by dark circles, and entry is not permitted. In the 14th century, bubonic plague patients were sent there. Later, in the 19th century, the building was converted into a psychiatric hospital, used for experimental treatments.

Altamira Cave (Spain)

Access to this website in the Spanish municipality of Santillana del Mar, Cantabria, is not prohibited, but is highly restricted. Only five people are able to access the cave per week, which equates to 260 visitors per year. The cave houses prehistoric cave paintings, and access is controlled through a waiting list by the museum's Board of Trustees. The listing is currently closed and no new applications are being accepted.

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