An even larger amount of R$1,302 is confirmed for next year; learn how to withdraw PIS; Consult the PIS and see the PIS 2022 CALENDAR

Will Caixa receive up to R$1,302 today for those born in January?  Learn how to check out a PIS, a CONSULT PIS, and see a PIS TABLE

The Federal Government confirmed, through the Official Gazette of the Union, on Monday (12), that The amount paid for the base year PIS 2021🇧🇷 The portion for initiative workers can be up to R$1,302, depending on the months of work.

Now, those who receive a salary bonus, expect to receive a premium from Base year PIS 2021paid for by Caixa.

Understand in this article about the salary bonus and what’s new PIS 2023 calendar🇧🇷

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  • 2021 calendar
  • Who is entitled to PIS
  • PIS 2022 schedule
  • PIS 2022 Consultation
  • PIS 2022 calendar
  • PIS withdrawal
  • PIS 2023
  • PIS 2023 schedule


a Social integration programme (PIS), established by the federal government in 1970, annually pays the minimum wage to workers in the private sector, through the Caixa Econômica Federal.

Civil servants receive PASEP (Public Servants Asset Training Program) through Banco do Brasil.

Schedule PIS 2022; SIP schedule 2022

See here if you receive a new PIS amount for those born in January

During PIS 2022 schedule, the worker knows how much he can get from the benefit. The amount may change depending on the number of months worked in the base year. paying off:

    • work for 1 month – R$ 101;
    • 2 months of work – R$ 202;
    • work for 3 months – R$ 303;
    • 4 months of work – R$ 404;
    • 5 months of work – R$ 505;
    • work for 6 months – R$ 606;
    • work for 7 months – R$ 707;
    • work for 8 months – R$ 808;
    • 9 working months – R$ 909;
    • work for 10 months – R$ 1010;
    • 11 working months – R$ 1,111;
    • Worked for 12 months – R$1,212🇧🇷

Who is eligible for PIS 2022

According to the Ministry of LaborFor a refund that can be up to R$1,212, you must meet the following conditions:

  • have a minimum wage of up to a minimum in 2020;
  • conducted some paid activity for at least 30 days in 2020;
  • you have updated data in the history;
  • Be registered with PIS/Pasep for at least five years.

PIS 2022 Consultation; PIS 2022 Consultation

To find out the availability of funds, the beneficiary must access the following Caixa Econômica Federal channels:

  • Caixa website
  • Caixa phone number: 0800 726 0207
  • Worker money request

By ordering or a digital business card number 158 from Hello Working It is also possible to access program information.

Latest news about PIS 2022

a PIS 2022 The calendar began on February 8, and was completed on March 31 for those who worked for those who met the requirements. However, the deadline for withdrawal is until December 29, 2022.

Despite the past months, according to a survey issued by the Ministry of Citizenship, more than 400,000 workers still have not received the released part of their wages. PIS/PASEP 2022🇧🇷

Once the amount has been entered into the account, it will be possible to withdraw the PIS:

  • at lottery houses and at CAIXA Aqui correspondents – using the social card and password;
  • At the CAIXA branch, present the PIS number and an official identification document;
  • at automated teller machines.

PIS 2022 calendar

PIS 2022 Amount – Reproduction / Social Security

PIS; PIS / PASEP 2023 / PIS 2023

PIS is paid based on the minimum wage for the current year.

The change in premium was confirmed on December 12, when the federal government published the value of the minimum wage in 2023, in the Official Gazette.

The minimum wage is adjusted annually for inflation recorded in the National Index of Consumer Prices (INPC).

Schedule PIS 2023; Probe schedule 2023

President Jair Bolsonaro, approved since August, through the LDO (Lei de Diretrizes Orçamentárias), has decided that the minimum wage for 2023 will be R$1,302. R$90 increase compared to 2022.

So, according to the possible minimum wage, see PIS 2023 schedule

  • Work for 1 month – R$ 108.50;
  • 2 months of work – R$ 217.00;
  • 3 months of work – R$ 325.50;
  • 4 months of work – R$434.00;
  • 5 months of work – R$ 542.50;
  • 6 months of work – R$651.00;
  • 7 months of work – R$759.50;
  • 8 months work – R$868.00;
  • 9 working months – R$976.50;
  • Work for 10 months – R$1,085.00;
  • 11 working months – R$ 1,193.50;
  • Worked for 12 months – R$1,302.

Was the PIS 2023 calendar released in November?

The PIS 2023 calendar has not been released yet. Traditionally, payments are made between February and March.

to be entitled to Base year PIS 2021You must agree to the following requirements:

  • Have five or more years of PIS/Pasep enrollment;
  • Carried out some activities, with a formal contract, for at least 30 days in 2021;
  • earned an average wage of up to a minimum wage in 2021;
  • You have updated data in the RAIS – Annual Social Information List.

Reproduction / Social Security
PIS 2022 Value – Photo: Reproduction/Social Security

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