An elderly woman is hospitalized after a “flying” turtle hit her head in a car

Authorities said the animal was most likely crossing the road when the vehicle was hopped

A 71-year-old woman was hospitalized after her daughter’s car collided with a turtle, which hit her in the head. The case took place in Florida, USA, on Wednesday (21). The information was published by the local newspaper, “Daytona Beach News-Journal”.

The daughter, who was driving, managed to stand on her shoulder and another driver stopped to help them. “There’s a turtle here,” said the man at 911, US Emergency Service. “Literally turtle?” Shouted the young woman, asked by the host.

The injury from the unusual collision with the head caused the elderly woman to bleed a lot, however, there was no further serious damage to her health. An ambulance arrived at the scene and the woman was taken to a local hospital.

“I swear to God, girl, this was the worst ‘luck’ of all time,” the daughter said to the 911 worker.

According to police and firefighters who attended the accident, the turtle was fine and had only suffered a few scratches in its shell. The authorities explained that the animal was most likely crossing the road when the vehicle was hopped.

Firefighters released the turtle into a forest near the accident.

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