An amazing invention that could bring DVDs back into fashion; paying off

An amazing invention that could bring DVDs back into fashion;  paying off

squeeze out DVDonce considered closed to the continuing advances of streaming and the cloud, may be about to experience a surprising renaissance thanks to a remarkable scientific breakthrough.

Researchers at the Shanghai University of Science and Technology have developed a disk with a storage capacity of up to 200 terabytes, which could redefine physical data storage models.

New storage disk

This new disc, called “superDVD”, is the result of innovations in technology optics,specifically a planar 3D recording structure.

This method uses a remarkably transparent and uniform photoresist layer, which is sensitive to a special dye.

Such a dye, when stimulated by a femtosecond laser, allows the creation of up to 100 recording layers on each side of the disc.

Results? Storage capacity that defies imagination, allowing you to store the equivalent of 2,000 Blu-ray discs, that is, a huge archive of PlayStation 5 games or movies in 4K resolution.

Technology could overtake streaming again – Image: MMassel / Getty Images Signature / Reproduction

In addition to unparalleled capacity, superDVD promises a longevity of 50 to 100 years, providing an extremely reliable solution for long-term data storage.

This aspect is especially attractive for companies that need long-term solutions to preserve important information.

Compared to current storage media, which often suffer from problems of durability and energy efficiency, the new disk appears to be a promising alternative, capable of operating at lower power and generating less heat.

Although originally designed for business use, developers are beginning to envision domestic applications for this technology, suggesting the possibility of families having their own data centers at home, an attractive alternative to cloud storage.

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However, a major challenge remains: creating a read engine that is not only capable of accessing stored data efficiently, but also accessible to the average consumer.

This obstacle represents the next horizon for researchers to reach, and overcoming it may in fact mark the beginning of a new era in the field of research. storage data.

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