An amateur Danish archaeologist finds a pre-Viking treasure with about 1 kg of gold | Look how cute it is

Using a simple metal detector, an amateur archaeologist in southwestern Denmark found, Buried treasure containing 22 gold coins from the sixth century, before the time of the Vikings.

“They are made of gold objects, including a medallion the size of a saucer. There are many symbols, some unknown. This will allow us to expand our knowledge of the men of that era,” Mads Raven told AFP. Director of Research at the Musée de Weigl who will display the pieces.

The treasure, which weighs less than a kilogram, was discovered near the town of Jieling, considered by historians to be the cradle of kings in the Viking era, between the eighth and twelfth centuries.

According to the museum, this is one of the “largest, richest and most beautiful gold treasures in Danish history”.

This amateur archaeologist was discovered about six months ago, but it has remained a secret until now.

Using a simple metal detector, an amateur archaeologist, in southwestern Denmark, discovered a buried treasure containing 22 gold coins from the sixth century. – Photo: clone / Vejle Museerne

Some objects have runic motifs (relating to the oldest Norse and Germanic alphabets) and inscriptions that may refer to the rulers of that time, but are also reminiscent of Norse mythology.

One piece depicting the early fourth-century Roman Emperor Constantine. “It is the symbolism represented in these things that makes them unique, not quantity,” Raven said.

According to the museum, some of the pieces were made in a way never seen before. That is why this discovery is celebrated.

According to early analysis, the treasure could have been an offering to the gods made by a local noble at a time when the northern European climate was exacerbated by a volcanic eruption in Iceland in 536 that covered the sky with ash.

The treasure will be on display at the Vejle Museum from February. It will be part of the Vejlemuseerne Viking Gallery, which tells the story of Harald Blåtand’s eastern connections and the early formation of the kingdom that laid the foundation for the Jelling dynasty.

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