America was going to provide military aid to Egypt in exchange for opening the Rafah crossing world

America was going to provide military aid to Egypt in exchange for opening the Rafah crossing  world

The United States and the United Arab Emirates have reportedly offered Egypt military and economic cooperation in exchange for opening the Rafah crossing for foreign citizens to leave the Gaza Strip.

The information appears in one of the cables sent by the Brazilian Embassy in Israel to Brazilian authorities and obtained by GloboNews through the Access to Information (LAI) Act.

Palestinians with dual citizenship wait outside the Rafah border crossing with Egypt hoping to obtain permission to leave Gaza, on October 17, 2023 – Photograph: Ibrahim Abu Mustafa/Reuters

On October 16, a cable indicated negotiations between the United States and the United Arab Emirates with the Egyptian government to open the border.

According to the local sources consulted and interviewers on site, the United States and the United Arab Emirates continue to pressure President Sisi to open the Rafah crossing and accept the entry of Gazans who hold foreign citizenship into Egyptian territory. In return, funding, donations, and cooperation will be provided in the economic and military sectors.”

The nearly 300-page document contains reports from Ambassador Federico Salomao Duque Estrada Mayer and diplomat Fabio Moreira Farias between October 7 and November 10.

On November 8, the Brazilian Embassy in Israel said in a cable that it had been in contact by phone or WhatsApp group with “about three dozen” Brazilians living in Gaza.

The Brazilian group of 32 people did not leave the Gaza Strip until more than a month after the cable was issued.

In total, seven groups of foreigners of different nationalities who lived in the Gaza Strip crossed the crossing. The United States is the country with the largest number of citizens rescued from the conflict zone, with a total of 1,267.

There were no Emirati citizens on the lists of foreigners who left Gaza as of the last update of this report.

A diagram showing the borders between the Gaza Strip, Rafah, Israel and Egypt. — Photo: Editoria di Arte/g1

The cable, which mentioned the names of about 30 Brazilians for the first time, also indicates that they informed the embassy that “the Israeli army published threatening messages on social media networks, warning residents to leave their homes immediately and seek shelter.”

“Some Brazilians, accompanied by families with children, say the bombing is intense and intense [aconteceram] near their homes, and they believe that their numbers will increase in the coming hours, which is why they are requesting urgent assistance from the Brazilian government to facilitate their evacuation across the border with Egypt (Rafah).”

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