AMD launches Ryzen 5000G with Zen3 and Vega Graphics

AMD launches Ryzen 5000G with Zen3 and Vega Graphics

Processors can reach 8 cores with a speed of 7 nm

a AMD For the new generation of processors Ryzen With integrated graphics. You are AMD Ryzen 5000 grams, Codenamed Cezanne, brought Zen3 geometry and Vega graphics, both in 7nm lithography. The changes are separate compared to the line Ryzen 4000G, which we tested (thanks to Ricardo G. Naud, Casual Gamers!), To highlight GE’s high-efficiency line.

Official site for AMD Ryzen 5000 series

The big disappointment is clearly another generation in which integrated graphics are based on VegaRadeon RX 6000 video cards and current generation of controllers, and not RDNA 2. Reducing it to 7 nm, Vega microarchitecture gained a “high” in frequencies, reaching 2,100MHz, and even the model Ryzen 3 it starts already at 1700MHz.

In CPU, we have a very big advantage over the Ryzen 3000G series, the most famous one here in Brazil This is until it sets up Crisis PC. In addition to the superiority of Zen3 and its gaming cache versus Zen +, the 5000G series features a Ryzen 5 with 6 cores and 12 threads, and a Ryzen 3 with 4 cores and 8 threads, something in the 3000 series that was limited to 4/8 and 4 / 4 in a row.

Videos with our computer with integrated graphics only

Another feature is the rendering of the Ryzen 7 with graphics, which is something found in the 4000 series. The 5700G and 5700GE models have 8 cores and 16 threads, in addition to 8 Vega cores.

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All models in the G line have the equivalent of a GE end, the main difference being a modification in the TDP to 35W. This causes GE models to forgo less performance and need to “manage” in watches to keep heating at this low level, but in turn allow these chips to be used in more compact tanks, power supply systems and more modest cooling.

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Some compact notebook computers already come with the new processors, and at the moment there are no signs of AMD intending to sell this CPU individually, a process similar to what we saw in the 4000G series. Gallera do Anandtic I found one for sale on the German HP website, and it has a theory that due to the high price of GPUs, AMD is avoiding selling to the end consumer as that could cause prices to inflate, as many people try to escape buying a dedicated video card hardware.

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