Amazon is creating its own AI-powered chatbot to change everyday work lives

Amazon is creating its own AI-powered chatbot to change everyday work lives

Unlike these bots, Amazon Q does not have a specific basic model of artificial intelligence – these are algorithms trained with a large amount of data and capable of performing such different tasks that they can be adapted for other activities.

Amazon’s new chatbot is a mixture of these technologies, all available on the Bedrock platform, which connects Titan (Amazon), Claude (Anthropic), Llama 2 (Meta) and others.

Behind the curtain

“Amazon Q was created to be secure, not to hallucinate and to provide reliable answers, because when I talk about companies, I can only provide reliable information,” explains Alex Coqueiro, AWS CTO for Latin America, Canada and the Caribbean.

In fact, Bedrock actually allows these different models to be combined without going through the hassle of figuring out how the magic works. Just type the commands. But Amazon Q goes a little further than that.

Formally, generative AI is based on three aspects. First, the physical infrastructure, that is, powerful chips capable of performing complex calculations, such as those made by Nvidia. In the middle layer are the foundational models. And on the user interface, it’s the app — that’s the case with Amazon Q.

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