Along with the original Airbus A330, the new flight simulator will arrive in November

Along with the original Airbus A330, the new flight simulator will arrive in November

Microsoft today announced the release date of its newest flight simulator, as well as other new features coming to the most popular flight simulator in history.

Flight Simulator 2024 will be an enhanced version of the existing simulator, known as FS2020, which will no longer receive updates from the product from this month onwards, due to the total focus now being on the next version.

During the Xbox announcement event taking place on Sunday (09), Microsoft showed off the new trailer for FS2024, with some new features. The most important of them is the release date, which will be November 19, 2024, that is, at the beginning of the end-of-year season that witnesses the release of many games.

A new aircraft has also been confirmed: an Airbus A330ceo with GE CF6 engines, which will be original to the game and produced by iniBuilds, which already has an A300 for the current simulator (which will likely be available for the new aircraft).

Another new feature is the ability to drag advertising banners, another specialized air service mission that will be available in the game, which has already included agricultural spraying and parachuting. The new simulator will be available for PC and Xbox Series S|X.

Editor's Note: It should be noted that some small errors were noted in the trailer, which include the A330 taking off with idle engines (minimum power) and United Airlines planes being stationed at JFK Airport in New York, where they are not operating.

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