Allen strikes the gavel and reveals who will run for the wall

Allen strikes the gavel and reveals who will run for the wall

Allen in Conversation with the Desert Allies – Clone / Globeplay

Shortly after winning the resistance test and becoming the new BBB 23 leader, Aline Wirley already knows who will run for the wall that will be formed on Sunday (2). The singer revealed to Deserto group allies that she intends to once again send Domitila Barros into the spotlight.

In a conversation with Amanda Meirelles, Bruna Grivao, and Larissa Santos, the former Rouge explained her decision: “It makes so much sense that I’m the leader now and nominate Domitilla. I’ve taken her so many times in the discord game, I’ve voted for her in an open referendum, I’ve voted for her in the center Acknowledgment. She had a vote, which I had at times, at random. To me, that makes a lot of sense. I’m so glad this leadership won.”

The sisters agreed with Camarot’s vision for the game and also said that things happen when they should happen, so her leadership came true just in time. Together, the three decide to vote out Marvella in this cycle.

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Allen and Domitella’s clash started at the beginning of BBB23. In the discord game, Miss Germany said her fellow inmate was oppressed in a dynamic consisting of truth and consequences. Upon choosing someone to “listen to some truth,” the activist criticized the singer.

“I’m not one to be picky…but respect my story. Is she crazy? She doesn’t know where I’m coming from, no. She doesn’t have a wire. If you ask her something, I already told her, she wouldn’t know. Tell me,” Allen exclaimed, right after live programme.

The eternal Rogue won the top spot after 17 hours of competition, in a challenge in which the brothers had to hold a button the whole time, while the platform they were on rotated in different directions, forcing them to walk onto the base.

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