All You Need to Know about LED iBond Lighting Technologies

Have you been wondering what the fuss about LED iBond lighting technologies is all about? Well, you are in the right place because this article will answer all your questions about this innovative company.

LED iBond is one of the largest distributors of LED Lighting products in Mexico and Latin America, with more than 15 years of experience working in professional lighting for architectural, industrial, retail, and other applications.

The company is known for inventing the lightest LED technology that has been available on the market since 2001.

What are the Different Lighting Solutions offered by LED iBond?

LED iBond is an award winning company that offers smart solutions to suit market needs. Here is a list of their products.

UV Disinfection Light Boxes

LED iBond also offers ultraviolet (UV) disinfection light boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Like the LED lights and panels, they can customize these solutions with options such as color temperature, UV output, and dimming capabilities to suit clients’ needs. These products are typically used to reduce the microorganisms in water or air by sterilization.

In the case of water treatment, this product is used to control algae present in water bodies or minimize harmful bacteria in drinking water. With air disinfection applications, the light boxes come in handy when pathogens need to be controlled.

Smart Buildings

If you are looking for an option for integrated lighting and environmental systems for your projects, you should consider products from LED iBond. They offer you the opportunity to develop an intelligent solution for your lighting requirements effortlessly.

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By having a connected system, you can save energy and have better control of your environment. Therefore, LED iBond technologies offer various products for smart building innovations.

These smart building solutions include the control of LED lights as well as other building automation systems such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), security, or fire detection.

Vertical Farming

LED iBond is also actively involved in the development of solutions for Vertical Farming. This is a new way to produce high yields of foods with great flavors and without using so much water or pesticides.

Unlike the traditional ways of farming, you get to save on resources like water and eat safe produce that is free from pesticides. It’s truly an innovative solution for your future food needs!

The company is currently working with several organizations in the world that specialize in this growing technique, offering them lighting solutions that consider the environment required for this type of farming.

The future of agriculture is here and LED iBond is ready to provide solutions that ensure farmers get high yields while saving on resources.

Kitchen Lighting

The world is moving towards smart solutions that involve smart lighting technologies, and LED iBond Kitchen has not been left behind. LED iBond Kitchen is an innovative open system that comes in a unique design made of aluminum core.

Since it has different modules, you can use it for various needs like charging your phone, timekeeping, playing music, and using other compatible applications. Additionally, you get to enjoy robust and durable lighting technology that is effective at heat management.

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Some of the key features of the LED iBond Kitchen include;

  • Super slim sleek design measuring 6mm
  • Smooth surface that is easy to clean
  • Expandable panels to suit various kitchen needs
  • Flexible panels that can be cut in various lengths depending on your design.

If you are looking for one of the innovative and smart lighting technology for your kitchen, LED iBond Kitchen will be perfect.

LED Panels

The LED lights offered by this company are also known as LED panels or compact fluorescent lamps. There are several models in stock, with different shapes and dimensions, ranging in power from 5W to 200 W.

However, they can customize your LED lighting solution with options such as color temperature, beam angles, and dimming capabilities. These LED lights can be used as a task or accent lighting, wall paneling/wall washers, and other options.

Apart from the LED patented technology, they also came up with the “sandwich” system lighting panels that comprise an LED placed between two Aluminum Composite Panels to create 6mm thick panels.

This panel is helpful in integrating IT solutions and lighting for use in buildings that make use of applications in the Internet of Things.


Nonetheless, the company’s latest innovation, dabbed Tracy, is an IoT-enabled panel that is meant for smart buildings. The LED panel is customizable, and it can be cut to various angles and lengths.

Tracy’s assembly takes the form of a model railway, and it can be used to power multiple electronics.

For instance, you can use it to monitor movements, humidity, ventilation, temperature, and moisture using IoT sensors. Therefore, Tracy merges IT and lighting into a complex IoT model suitable for future green and smart innovations.

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Tracy was implemented in Deichman Bjorvika, the most extensive public library in Norway, opened to the public in 2020. It supplies lighting to the 2,350 shelves available in the library, and each can be individually controlled by a smartphone app or the central control unit.

Even though this product is new in the market, the company expects to expand its applications in the near future.

Wrap Up

LED iBond is an innovative company that offers you different lighting technologies that suit your needs. They manufacture LED panels that are used in various architectural and industrial projects that use innovative technologies. Besides, the company also indulges in other projects such as vertical farming and combining lighting with IT. Vertical farming is essential because it helps you save on resources like water while achieving high yields. As for the IT merger, its flagship project is called Tracy and offers traditional forms of lighting a run for their money because it has sensors that can detect movement, temperature, humidity and help you keep track of time. Also, other innovations include UV lightboxes and lighting for various spaces.

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