All news from the interface

All news from the interface

The Resident Evil Showcase exhibition held on Thursday (15) brought unpublished information about Resident Evil Village and other projects related to the franchise. The announcements range from gameplay details to reveals of Capcom series adaptations.

Resident Evil Village

The latest Resident Evil Village trailer shows fans unpublished scenes from the mysterious village, passing through some of the environments and enemies they will encounter.

These sections provide a glimpse of a huge underground plant that may be used to produce human beings, as well as a vast artificial lake that houses what appears to be a huge water monster.

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Turns out, the mysterious man who appeared on the January Resident Evil Showcase is Heisenberg – definitely another strong opponent down the path of protagonist Ethan Winters in his search for the kidnapped daughter. Veteran Chris Redfield is also showing an appearance that doesn’t make clear what his true intentions are.


Surprisingly, Resident Evil Village will bring back the nostalgic add-on “The Expendables”, which promises loads of content and more gameplay. Passage And a lot of bonuses.

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“Players need to complete increasingly challenging objectives while racing against time in this game mode which is enabled upon completion of the main campaign. Duke, the main game dealer, appears in this mode and offers weapons and upgrades to help with the challenges. Additionally, players can Acquiring skills that improve their weapons or physical abilities. Each player can decide his own strategy to achieve each goal, “appears in a press release.

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Demo de Resident Evil Village

Players will be able to explore the Village and Castle areas for up to 60 minutes in a limited-time demo for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC (Steam).

This multi-platform demo will be available for 24 hours starting May 1 at 9:00 PM Brasilia Time (BRT) for the Americas, including Brazil, with the option to pre-load from April 29 at 9:00 PM Brazilian time. Includes This new demo supports Voices in Portuguese and will be the first opportunity for Brazilian fans to learn about the dubbing, “Capcom said.

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PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 players will have two early access to this demo, both within 8 hours of a 30-minute trial in one area. The first date will allow access to the village strip, and will begin on April 17th at 9:00 PM (Brasilia time), with the option to pre-download already available.

The second date will allow access to the castle area from April 24 at 9:00 PM (Brasilia time), with the option to pre-download also available.

Resident Evil 4 in virtual reality

Resident Evil 4 will be released for Oculus Quest 2 and thus can be played in virtual reality. For now, there is no confirmed date, but new information has been promised April 21.

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Resident Evil: Into Absolute Darkness

An unpublished trailer for Resident Evil: In the Absolute Dark, an animation that will be released on Netflix in July, was released during the event. As you can see below, Leon and Claire will have to fight to stay together again.

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Resident Evil e Dead in broad daylight

A new collaboration has been announced between Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil. No details were revealed during the presentation, but the promise is to add Resident Evil hero and villain to the cast of the competitive game.

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Resident Evil Festival no big one

To celebrate the release of Resident Evil Village dubbed in Portuguese, Capcom will be giving a presentation at the free digital event BIG Festival with part of the dubbing team in attendance.

Fabio Santana, Director of Public Relations and Localization at Capcom in Brazil, will be present at the BIG Festival to tell a little bit about the Resident Evil Village localization and dubbing process, reveal the voice actors and chat with the actors who have given voice to some of the main characters.

The show will take place on the game’s launch day, May 7, starting at 8 pm, in an online format, open to everyone for free via YouTube BIG FestivalAnd the Nemo e Facebook channel do the history channel.

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