Alert: The number of cases of fungi caused by fungi transmitted in barbershops is increasing

Alert: The number of cases of fungi caused by fungi transmitted in barbershops is increasing

The number of cases of thrush caused by the fungus Trichophyton tonsurans on the scalp has more than tripled in Argentina in the past year. The main suspicion is that microorganisms are transmitted in barbershops.

According to the Argentine newspaper Clarin, the problem is hair loss in an area of ​​the scalp. In place of the hairs, a round lesion appears that peels and sometimes itches.

The fungus is transmitted from person to person. When dermatologists ask their patients questions trying to understand how ringworm started, going to the barbershop is a common response. When the patient did not go to the institution to get a haircut, someone very close visited the place.

Experts warn that a lack of adequate hygiene of items used in barbershops – such as hair clippers, scissors and combs – may be the cause of fungal transmission.

Lesions that start on the scalp can spread to other parts of the body. The fungus can be transmitted by people close to you. For example, dermatologists treat girls who did not go to barbershops, but had contact with their brothers who went there to get their hair cut.

Experts' recommendation is to choose barber shops that adhere to hygiene processes for materials used by more than one customer.


Ringworm caused by the fungus Trichophytontonsurans is treated with oral medications and topical creams. You can also use shampoo that helps reduce the risk of infection.

Experts recommend not sharing combs, hair or beard trimmers during treatment.

Source: Ya Globo.

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