Alcmene and Lola disagree about whether the Beetle is good for “dating.”

Alcmene and Lola disagree about whether the Beetle is good for “dating.”

In a joking tone at the Volkswagen factory, the vice president praised the car, while the Labor member referred to “back pain.”

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) Joking with the VP Geraldo Al Ambush (PSB) this Friday (February 2, 2024) when disagreeing about the Beetle being a good place “to fall in love”. During a visit to the Volkswagen plant in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), the Workers' Party member mentioned this “Back ache” By refuting the ally.

“Alcmene said something here that I think he exaggerated. Saying that it was good to date in the Beetle. The Volkswagen manager said that to this day he has a back problem from dating in the Volkswagen Beetle. These are the cars that I saw today, these are cars “For dating, think of something good.”He mentioned.

Before the president spoke, it was Alkmene's turn to speak. He ended his statement by saying that every Brazilian has some memory of a Volkswagen car.

“We all have a history with Volkswagen. Every Brazilian, every Brazilian. That's right, the last time I was here, 20 years ago, I remembered that. My generation has great memories. How good it was to date in the Beetle”he announced.

The president was at the factory to follow up on the announcement of the company's new investments in Brazil.

The manufacturer announced on Thursday (February 1) that it will increase its investments in the country by R$9 billion by 2028, for a total of R$16 billion with the value already included in the current cycle, of R$7 billion. The company also stated that it will launch 16 vehicles within 4 years, including hybrid and 100% electric vehicles. “Total Flex.”

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