Alceu Valença leaves Marcos Millon “in a vacuum” in the Calderao, but makes up for himself; Understanding TV News

Alceu Valença leaves Marcos Millon "in a vacuum" in the Calderao, but makes up for himself;  Understanding TV News

Alceu Valença left Marcos Millon “in a vacuum” when he arrived In Calderao this Saturday (31)But he recovered himself moments later. The singer was a guest on the panel Sobe o Som and entered the stage pretending to embrace the presenter, but she mocked him and ran away from the physical contact laughing. After playing the Anunciação, the artist responded to a request from the owner of the Globo program.

In the game, Marcus Ferras and Roseanne Mulholland competed against Glamor Garcia, a friend of the actress. The duo Britney from A Dona do Pedaço (2019) guessed the song played by Lucio Mauro Filho and his band, performing Valença.

Myon greeted the Northeast man with open arms, and tried to hug him, but the singer ran away and took steps back laughing. Alceu still pretended to salute with a punch, but he also avoided touch and started singing his most famous song.

After the song, Luciano’s replacement asked Hack a favor. “I have a son named Romeo, who is autistic and loves his music. My wife, Susanna, is over there, look, she’s recording his entire performance to show him,” said the previous recording. “A hug, Romeo! Let’s sing together, then!” , the star redeemed himself, chanting La Belle De Jour.

Before leaving, Alceu Valença asked viewers to be vaccinated against Covid-19. The veteran, who was applauded by the audience and guests, said, “Let’s get vaccinated, don’t deny it! Big hug!” “Well, that’s Alceu Valença, he never gets cold because he’s absolutely right!” Mion agreed.

paying off:

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