Air raid: Prisoners avoid sunbathing so as not to lose seagulls’ food – 7 o’clock

Air raid: Prisoners avoid sunbathing so as not to lose seagulls’ food – 7 o’clock

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  • Seagulls steal food from prisoners in the UK.
  • Prisoners prefer to eat inside their cells because of the birds.
  • But no one escapes from the hungry birds which are protected by law in the country.

Seagulls steal food from prisoners and civilians

You prisoners From Morton Hall Detention Center in the UK they experience firsthand what it is like to have something stolen by someone. However, this person is not a person, however seagulls.

You the birds They attack the inmates and take the food that is on the tables in the dining hall, without even asking for a piece of it. To avoid this, many choose to eat in the cells, even if it means no time outside.

A report by the prison’s independent monitoring committee said the animals were a nuisance to everyone in the prison, and they continue to be a serious problem. risk Health, because it transmits many diseases.

The British Daily Star newspaper released a study showing that birds attack people to get leftovers. foodsin urban areas across the UK.

The research shows that in 20% of cases the thieves managed to escape with food in their beaks and that 28% of those attacked had to fight not to lose their lunch.

In light of this, the Zoo From Blackpool I hired Seagulls, a vacancy with over 200 applicants. They dressed as birds to scare away the jerboids from stealing visitors and other animals.

* Under the direction of Odar Braz Jr.

Seagulls become experts at stealing snacks in restaurants

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