Aguinaldo Silva remembers ‘shock’ when he saw Marjorie Estiano replace Drica in ‘Empire’: ‘I was touched’ | empire

Aguinaldo Silva remembers 'shock' when he saw Marjorie Estiano replace Drica in 'Empire': 'I was touched' |  empire

in record time, The author decided to call the actress Marjorie Estianowho lived for kora In youth to replace Drake. Aguinaldo recalls the speed the situation requires and talks about the risks involved in such a decision:

“It was a Thursday. Cora was going to see scenes of paramount importance, not yet recorded, in the class that aired on Monday. I thought for just a few minutes, then called the series director and said, ‘Call Marjorie!'” There was no other way out. Everyone agreed to take the risk, but with one caveat: “If it does not work out, it is your fault!”, They said. But it worked, yes. Quite frankly, I didn’t even have time to pluck your hair and make drama.”

K Marjorie Refer to the groupsAnd Aguinaldo It is reported that he came to visit her in Globo Studios He admits that he was impressed by the actress’ attitude towards this new challenge:

with the new kora at work , Aguinaldo He spent the rest of the novel writing solely for Marjorie. Even with the future improvement of drake, the author admits that he preferred not to experience potential failures again:

If at first there was some estrangement from the audience regarding the change, then the story has completely changed. Aguinaldo She remembers how it turns out that she made the right decision when transitioning between actresses:

👉 Marjorie Estiano also spoke on the topic in an exclusive interview:

👉 And more: Check out the interview with Drica Moraes about the time she had to leave Império:

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Behind the scenes memories of Empire:

Listen to the Novela das 9 podcast with Marjorie Estiano:

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