Against Brazil, Hamilton will take third place in the F1 country winning standings

Against Brazil, Hamilton will take third place in the F1 country winning standings

Lewis Hamilton is the biggest winner in Formula 1

Photo: Mercedes / Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton claimed his 102nd career win in the Qatar Grand Prix, where he was in pole position and almost drove from one end to the other. With this achievement, the seven-time world champion is the biggest winner of all time in Formula 1, and not only that: Hamilton has more wins than many countries in this category, especially Brazil.

Of the Brazilians who have been in F1, six have already climbed to the highest place on the podium. They are: Emerson Fittipaldi, Ayrton Senna, Nelson Piquet, Jose Carlos Pace, Rubens Barrichello and Felipe Massa. In all, there are 101 victories for Brazil. Lewis Hamilton scored another victory.

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Lewis Hamilton’s 102 F1 victories (Picture: Mercedes)

Therefore, if the owner of the car number 44 was a nation, then at that moment he would be in third place in the ranking. They will only be led by Germany, in second place, with 179 victories, and the United Kingdom, with 306 victories – with a significant contribution from Lewis, by the way.

Hamilton can still reach the record of 104 wins. That’s because, with two races in Formula 1, if a Mercedes driver wins in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, that means the 2021 title – and thus his eight championship – is guaranteed. However, it is important to stress that Mathematics still favors his archenemy and World Drivers’ Championship leader, Max Verstappen.

The championship leader is separated by eight points, with two races remaining. The Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia is scheduled for December 3-5.


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