After wrongful arrest, Kate teases Theo with innuendo and spoils the TV news

After wrongful arrest, Kate teases Theo with innuendo and spoils the TV news

After her arrest, Kate (Clara Monique) will have to find a new way to attack Theo (Emilio Dantas) in Phi Na Fe. The free-spirited woman is going to fake a kidnapping of Rafa (Kayo Manhinte) to extract money from her ex-lover, but she will be caught after a complaint from the businessman and she will be afraid to confront him directly. To access it, it will remain to send indirect messages through social networks. She will take over her boyfriend’s accounts and put an open wound on her father-in-law at the Opera Globo at seven in the morning.

The girl will post a photo next to the photographer and glorify the love between the two. He will also call “the poor” all those who are guided only by envy. The villain will wear a hood. Enraged, Will calls his lawyer and announces that he intends to pursue the case against Kate to the end.

Bruna’s daughter (Carla Cristina Cardoso), after all, has yet to stand trial for false kidnapping. She will be arrested preventively for being involved – the police will find her with Hugo (MC Cabelinho) in supposed captivity as Rafa will ask his father to take the ransom fortune. But even after his release, the process will continue.

You will live in peace with friends and family while responding freely. One day, she will talk to her boyfriend about the villain’s pleasure in ending everyone’s happiness. You will only revolt remember the pessimist.

He will take out his cell phone and take a cute selfie with the boy. In the caption, he’ll write: “One day we discover that happiness is like this: it’s not bought, it’s not stolen, it’s not forced. One day, we realize we know how to be happy. My Kuendem teaches me every day to love without fear.” I pity those who do not like. Poor man knows nothing but envy.

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Theo will see the post and be by his side. Will calls his lawyer and mentions the complaint he filed against girlfriend Jennifer (Bela Campos): “Now I’m going to the end of the complaint. This job will be dealt with by law, and my son will see that life without our goodwill is much worse.”

Vai na Fé was ranked 7 p.m. in Globo programming. The novel will be replaced by Fozzie, by Gustavo Reese, which is scheduled for release in August. a The feuilleton will feature Giovanna Cordero and Marina Ruy Barbosa in the main roles of Young Lady and Villain, respectively.

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