After winning the final audition, Davey was criticized on the web for his attitude with Alan and Isabelle on 'BBB 24': 'Lack of respect'

After winning the final audition, Davey was criticized on the web for his attitude with Alan and Isabelle on 'BBB 24': 'Lack of respect'

Davi wins the final qualifying audition on 'BBB 24' and leaves the web upset about his situation.

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David He was the big winner Final exam on Thursday (11) that it He earned a place in the top three “BBB24”! brother, Who is favorite to take the prize?Celebrate and scream while now, Accused of “theft” in the programHe cried on the grass. The sister was the last to give up, and the Bahian barely looked at her, thinking only of his course. Before, during the dynamic, the application driver requested this IsabelleThe one who was feeling sick gave up and sang while her ally was vomiting. The web didn't like the finalist's actions!

Isabelle vomits and Davey suggests that her sister give up

On this Friday (12) Globo TV Show details of the final test that affected the resistance of the top four in the program. Alan, Davey and Isabelle W Matthew They had to hold the disc – if they let go, they would be eliminated – while they spun and experienced all kinds of “surprises”. Alegrete felt ill at first and was removed by the dolls. Isabelle felt bad and vomited too, while Davey asked if everything was okay with his ally.

Despite his anxiety and discomfort, Cunha insisted on continuing. The brunette looked like she couldn't take it anymore, at the same time she didn't want to 'give up' on him. Al-Bahia suggested that if she was no longer successful, she should give up. “Are you going to stay there feeling sick?” Asked. After that, the brother sang while the brunette vomited. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore and actually asked to leave.

Alan cries and Davy celebrates his place in the top three

Alan and Davey stayed still for over 10 hours…

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