After the carnival of “Apocalipse”, Ivete Sangalo broke the record with the song “Macetando”, but was excluded from the first place in Bahia. understands!

After the carnival of “Apocalipse”, Ivete Sangalo broke the record with the song “Macetando”, but was excluded from the first place in Bahia.  understands!

After the “Apocalypse” carnival, Ivete Sangalo broke the record with the song “Macetando”, but fell from the top spot in Bahia. Understands!

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Hey Carnival 2024 says goodbye, but leaves you wanting more with the hit songs that became a hit during the festive days. “Masitando“, with Yvette Sangallo that it LyudmilaWhich sparked controversy in the party – It was the most streamed and searched song between February 10 and 13 on Spotify in Brazil. However, the singer was removed and, surprisingly, lost first place in Bahia. Find out who is the most streamed artist out there!

Yvette Sangalo's strike follows.Loose leg“, with Leo Santana that it Barangoli. The second most streamed and searched song in the same period ranked first in the same ranking on the Spotify charts. about that,”Bookbook“, for every Pedro Sampaiocloses the top 3 of the most listened to songs.

Let's go 4“, by DJ GBR, Mc IG, MC Ryan SP, MC PH, Mc Davi, Mc Luki, Mc Don Juan,

Mc Kadu, TrapLaudo, MC GP and MC GH from 7 are the third most searched songs these days

From the noise.

Ivete Sangallo was dethroned in Bahia by Leo Santana

In addition to the top spot in Brazil, “Macetando” became a favorite in São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, Ceará, Distrito Federal and Espírito Santo.

While the “Pirna Bamba” dominated Paraná, Bahia and Goiás, as a result Fifita music lost patronage in its region.

In Rio Grande do Sul, funk”Dear, I was in Rua da Agua“, written by Mc Menor RV TR and Tropa da W&S, ranked first among those most listened to, while in Pará,”Tengo“, for every Julietgrab the ranking.

Debuted on the blocks in Sao Paulo

Iza that it Bukah Order of their three elements…

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