After the car was used in the race, the Scotsman was disqualified from the marathon

After the car was used in the race, the Scotsman was disqualified from the marathon

The Scottish marathoner used a car during a stretch of the track and finished third. A friend claimed upset at the race

Scotsman Joasia Zakrzewski He was disqualified from the GP Ultras Marathon, from Manchester to Liverpool, in the UK, for using a car for part of the course. The marathon runner made it to third place in the race, but was disqualified after the organization discovered the fraud.

According to data from the marathon tracking system, as well as statements from the events team, competitors and the Scottish women, it was possible to identify fraud on a portion of the course, where the athlete walked more than 4 kilometers in 1 minute and 40 seconds.

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In an interview with BBC Scotland, Adrian Stott, a friend of the competitor, claimed she was very sorry for the fraud and justified the use of the car due to feeling upset during the race: “The race was not planned. She said she was feeling sick and tired in the race and wanted to withdraw.”

I have cooperated fully with the race organizers’ investigation, and given a full account of what happened. She is really sorry for any inconvenience caused.” Complete the friend.

In 2014, Joasia Zakrzewski finished 14th in the Commonwealth Games Marathon in Scotland. With a disqualification in the UK race, she gave way to sprinter Mel Sykes on the podium. The case is being handled by the UK Running and Athletics Association Sports Federation.

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