After ‘sudden’ dismissal, Evaristo Costa sues CNN – 11/15/2021

After 'sudden' dismissal, Evaristo Costa sues CNN - 11/15/2021

Journalist and broadcaster Evaristo Costa rebelled over the way he was fired from CNN Brasil after nearly a year and a half of services rendered, and decided to file a lawsuit in civil court with a claim for compensation.

According to exclusive information obtained by the column, Evaristo accuses CNN of disrespectful professional and moral and material damages.

According to the journalist: Learn about the resignation by following the news of the broadcaster.

He says the correct one is the first to be informed. The manner in which the cut was made by the management was considered humiliating.

Journalists who cover television (like the person writing for you) knew about shooting Evaristo even before he did.

According to CNN, every possible and imaginable attempt was made for him to stay at home, but he, according to the network, rejected all proposals made.

“They kicked me through the back doors,” he said at the time.

300 thousand Brazilian riyals

To the journalist with his story and reactions, so that Evaristo is not greedy. The column found that the amount he is asking for compensation is R$300,000.

The operation is still at an early stage and does not have a definite date for a result.

Evaristo was one of the first big names hired by CNN Brasil, still managing Douglas Tavolaro.

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