After stopping this food, the woman noticed changes in her face within two weeks

After stopping this food, the woman noticed changes in her face within two weeks

After deciding to eliminate a certain item from her diet, a woman noticed this the changes Dramatic changes to your face in just a few weeks.

After Brooke Bryant saw a video shared by Brendan Oxford suggesting that cutting sugar from your diet could slim your face, she decided to test it out for herself.

Within a month of eliminating sugar from her diet, Brooke noticed noticeable changes in her face. Oxford explained that cutting out sugar can lead to visible weight loss on the face, leading to a thinner and more elegant appearance.

According to Brendan Oxford, weight loss when you stop eating sugar occurs because of the change in the body's fuel source.

He explained that when sugar consumption is reduced, the body begins to burn fat cells, as body fat and sugar are the main sources of energy for the body.

By depriving the body of added sugar, it provides the opportunity to burn sugar. Stored fat.

Woman reports details after stopping sugar intake

After choosing to stop consuming sugar, Brooke Bryant found Brendan's statements to be accurate and noticed changes within about two and a half weeks.

In a video clip she posted on her TikTok account, she showed two photos of herself before stopping sugar and compared them to her current appearance.

In these photos, it was clear that his face was much puffier and rounder than it is today. Bryant pointed out this difference, noting that it was clearly visible under his cheeks.

Although he admitted that his face is not yet perfect, he noted that it is now much thinner than it was before he made the change in his sugar intake.

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Encouraging her viewers, she emphasized the recommendation to consider reducing or eliminating sugar consumption.

In another post, Bryant shared some options for Snacks Which she now enjoys, which has no added sugar and is part of her new diet.

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